Random very high darts
I think this is a fairly common problem... throwing too high and missing the board! First dart missed then both were in the treble 20. Why? What the hells going on?

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Photo flipped round for some reason
(06-07-2020, 10:08 PM)Ed180 Wrote: Photo flipped round for some reason

Un-flipped it - lol.

Interested in the answers to your question, as I've been known to do that.  Not so much anymore - but quite a bit when I was overthinking wrist break.  Got some flyers then.  Or as Crusher would say - shanked that one. Tongue
The most common reason for a high dart is that it was released too early.
I've also noticed when I'm not paying attention, and bring my shoulder into the throw, I tend to get an errant high dart as well.
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I tend to do this, if i hold the dart a bit too far towards the back (shaft end).

I use the same tactic (deliberately) when i go for double top these days, which was previously, something, I struggled with.
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Yep. Quite a few "flyers" usually when I'm playing in the pub though. Drink, not paying attention etc. I guess

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Yeah if I'm lucky I get tops lol
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Hmm thanks for the replies. Early release must be the problem
Early release or you don't pull it back as far as normal causing you to over compensate with a throw that's too hard (you'd have to have a very loopy throw to go above the D20 though) or a throw that's jerky.

The early release is normally caused by tensing, even slightly which can then cause you to not pull back as far so the two can sometimes go hand in hand making you hit a no score.

For anyone having this issue try syncing your throw to something...anything really as long as it gives you a consistent tempo. I used to use a counting technique, a bit like dancers do to help with my rhythm but I've noticed it's synced with my breathing, or rather my breathing is synced with my throw so I just focus on my breathing whilst at the oche. Helps clear the mind too, which helps if like me you have a tendancy to think about technique when throwing.

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