Unicorn Pro Eclipse HD2 - Black Number Ring
Anyone know where I can buy a black number ring (not just he replacement numbers that I've seen advertised) for the above please?

I'm based in the UK so would prefer a UK stockist to save on postage.

Many thanks for advice / suggestions..
Dartboard: Blade 5 dual core
Darts: 24g custom scallops
Started playing: 15/09/2018
180's: 12 (5 in 1st Year) (7 in last 7 months since October 2019)
3 bulls: Once
Best Checkout: 100 (twice)
Best leg: 16 darts (twice in practice), 22 darts (in a match)

[font="Times New Roman",serif][img=822x3024]fileConfused//DConfusedUsers/Fordm/AppData/Local/Temp/msohtmlclip1/01/clip_image001.jpg[/img][/font]
The only place I know that sells the rings is a German shop - comes with a spare set of numbers as well (looks like the only choices left are red, blue or white)

I bought my metal Unicorn number ring from Darts Corner.

The one I have though is the one with the metal white numbers that aren't replaceable which I didn't realise as I have a few sets of spare numbers indoors that I wanted to use.

Don't think they're available at the moment due to high demand for everything darts related.

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