Hello to all
Thank you all for warm wellcome and Im glad to be part of such a great community
Playing since April 2020

Darts: Unicorn Jelle Klaasen 21g Silver star
Shafts: L Style Slim 300
Flights: L Style standard EZ

180s: 11
Average: 58
Double: 20%
Highest CO: 102
Best leg: 17
Hello and welcome.
Yes its me, I checked in the mirror. 

Current throwing weights of 18 to 24 grams.

Current darts set up :- 23 gram, darts clearance (no name scalloped darts) with a 50 mm barrel, 41 mm nylon shafts + standard flights.
Hello Earnest, welcome to the forum. Can’t wait to see your stats in a year.
hi and welcome
welcome to the forum and I can't wait to see your customs.
2020 Goals & Achievements:
180’s: 4/5   140-177’s: 28/25   Best Leg: 19 darts   Highest Checkout: 121
Welcome to the Nutz. There’s a few of them on the forum. Keeps things lively. Lol!
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