Vertical Consistency
Hi All,

I'm trying to track my throw to see what kind of groupings i'm getting. My left to right is not too bad, I can sense when I go left or right and know I need to correct either my dart angle via my wrist or where my forearm points. When i'm straight I can definitely feel it.

What I am really struggling with is where the dart lands in the vertical plane. It can go high, low and sometimes where I want it.

I feel like there are such a mix of variables such as where I start the dart, where I release the dart, at what angle I release the dart, how much effort I put into the throw.

See below a track of 100 darts @ 20. My elbow seems to stay in the same position when I look at it in slowmo so I think it's to do with all the other parts of the throw.....

Does anyone have any advice on how to be more consistent with where the darts go vertically?

[Image: nRjt2aL.jpg]

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