I am a beginner
Hi to all the nuts! I have been playing for about 5 months and just hit my first 21 darter! I am 15 years of age and just wondering what are the averages of the JDC and ways to improve and if I am on target.

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Welcome to the forum.  Sorry, no idea on JDC averages.

Hi Jimbo and welcome aboard - good luck in the game going forward.

To answer your question have a look at some of the archived events on the youth part of DartConnect site as that will give you an idea of the standard:


Bear in mind these events do include some very good youth players like Leighton Bennett and a few others who are easily good enough to play against the adults
Welcome to the forum
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welcome to the forums Smile
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I score a 55-60 average most of the time, is that enough to get me in? I am from South Africa where darts is not so popular so just wondering. All competition I really have is my dad and an app called "my dart training" Any other way to improve?

If you're looking for practice routines etc., check out this section of the forum.

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55-60 I would say would win you a few games - you would only know though once you start playing other people.

Not sure which part of South Africa you are in, but Devon Petersen is now involved with the JDC and will be setting up an academy in South Africa as he wants to try and grow the game/sport over there. Not sure when it will be - either later this year or most likely next year now - but this academy will be in his home town of Cape Town and will be for youths up to age 18. If you are in that area then it would be worth giving it a go once it opens up.
Welcome Jimbo. Wishing you the best pursuing the JDC! Smile
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Welcome along Jimbo,many years ahead i see
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Hi Jimbo, welcome to the forum.
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Welcome to the forum
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Welcome to the forum and may the darts be with you
Welcome to the group and seems like you've got yourself a good arm and a focus to improve. Good one buddy I wish you the best of luck.
Welcome Jimbo. All the best mate.
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