Pear shape stencil
Hi Guys, I use 75mu pear shape flights and my design choice is falling every year. Does anyone know how I can get a stencil made up to cut standard into pear? I'm not very good with scissors and I reckon one of you ingenious fellows might know a way to do it.
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What about buying a 100 or better still a 150 micron set of pears. These will be much easier to to cut round than a paper stencil.

Another option could be to try and find someone with a 3D printer who could print you a template with a slot through the middle so you could slot a standard in and then cut off the excess
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The 3d printer option sounds the best, shouldn't be too tricky to get made up. In the interim you could cut a stencil from something like a plastic lid, like on a tub of butter. It's thicker than the flights by far but should still be easy to cut out with scissors.
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Set of thickest pear flights glued together make workable templete.
I have a laser cutter at work so I could cut you a stencil from say 3mm acrylic? Not back to work until a week on Thursday though.
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