Dart Leaving release facing down
Hey all, so I am having this problem with the dart facing down upon my release no matter what I do to change it. My grip is pretty standard. Thumb and index finger as thrusters and middle finger tip on side of dart. All I can think of is that my middle finger is whats causing this problem I am thinking upon my release the middle finger is leaving the dart last. I have worked on this for hours and hours and tried everything to keep it from facing down upon my release. The only success I have had is throwing with just my thrusters you can see the dart doesn't face down upon release and has the trajectory of the parabolic curve but the dart goes wherever it wants to when I have 2 fingers on it and sometimes doesn't even hit the board, so that is not an option. Another thing I notice is my back swing sometimes brings the tip of the dart all the way next to my ear. Is this to far back? I really could use any advice at this point as I am going crazy trying to get the parabolic curve down pat . Is there any way we can post vids on here? I have slow mos of my throw. Hope it works and thanks again
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Hi when you aim your dart I s it  slightly pointing up and when you take you dart from your left hand do you move your two middle fingers down on your left hand  leaving you to pick up and grip your dart cleanly and in the same place each time
I'm pretty sure you will get good tips when you show us a video.
Videos can't be uploaded direct, you have to use a something like youtube and insert the URL to your video in a post.

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