Broken Point Removal Technique

(This is my first time posting on the darts nutz forum so apologies if this is in the wrong place or a duplicate thread, I couldn’t find a broken point topic when searching.)

I just wanted to share with you guys something that worked for me when removing a snapped off broken point.

I unfortunately snapped off (flush) a target storm surge point that I was using whilst playing with my Phil Taylor unicorn phase 2 darts.

I was frustrated because Darts corner are working with a skeleton crew and they are unable to fix broken points while covid19 is dominating the world. (No fault of there own, darts corner are fantastic!)

So I searched online and found a method of using Alum powder and boiling water.

I used 200g of Alum powder (Bought from Amazon: ‘fatakdi powder, alum powder - £2.56 per 100g’. I mixed it with boiling water and dropped the dart in an aluminium pan (since the powder corrodes steel I 100% recommend buying an aluminium pan to avoid complete disaster. I bought the pan from amazon for £9.99 - kitchen king super alu milk pan).

I checked the pan periodically whilst it was constantly boiling ensuring that the dart was submerged at all times. After around 6 hours of boiling the point had dissolved, I removed the dart, gave it a wipe and fitted it with new points and have been using them ever since.

The powder doesn’t damage the dart From what I can tell and now I’m about to try the method on some 36g Winmau Vendetta darts which has a snapped point. I have a feeling this may take longer as the point sticks out a lot more but it isn’t grippable.

Anyway, I just wanted to share with you guys a good way of rescuing a dart in the current climate.

Lots of discussion on broken points to be found on the forum - each a little different in focus.  In our Quick Reference Guide we simply link to Custom Made's excellent article.  But plenty more that's for sure. Wink

One thing you mention - a point sticking out, but not grippable.  Custom Made also had some great advice for this scenario:

Now, your broken point might be too short for this to work - but worth pointing out the technique to confirm that's the case.

Welcome to the forum.

It's always good to learn something new about dissolving broken points. I know about a few people who successfully did it with vinegar. After I adviced them to do it that way. I know it's much quicker with Alum, the thing is though, that I couldn't find anything like that in our stores. Therefore ordering it from ebay and waiting for it to arrive takes the same amount of time as using vinegar...
The Alum technique works really well.  
I have a .5 liter glass pan with a lid that enables me to keep the temperature up without having to pay close attention to the water level.


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