Those who have used the same set of darts for years, ever think about changing?
Questions for those who have used one set of darts, do you ever think about changing? How long have you used them for? How much where they? And how did you get them, buy them or were given them and just kept them?

I have used a few sets over the years but always came back to two sets, now I have found the dart that is perfect for me and most of my other sets have gone. Yes, never say never but I can't see me changing for a long long long time. Do you ever think about changing even though you've found your set? Or are you adamant that you will never change?
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Of all my mates who play darts there are 2 who have stuck with the same sets for the last several years. One of them was a massive experimenter for years, tried every type of dart you could think of at all sorts of weights. He went from heavy 25g ultra grippy barneys to Taylor P5s and everything in between before landing on a set of 22g Mervyn Kings. I'd say he used those for a year or so and then bought a set of 19g Terry Jenkins. That would have been 2014ish and he's used that exact set ever since. I recently tracked down another set for him just as a backup in case he loses one but he'll likely never change from them. He has tried other darts and had decent results but always goes back to the Terrys.

My other mate has used about 4 sets over the course of 15+ years. He's been using carerras since just after they came out and is still using them now albeit slightly heavier in 24g. Prior to that he used a bristow style ring grip for 5+ years and had a brief experimnet with Wades but other than that he's doesn't tend to experiment at all.

Both of those guys are the two best throwers I know, not pro level by any means but easily averaging 75+ consistently and one of them playing county darts for years over here.

I don't play competitively and haven't for years and have experimented with 50+ sets over the years but I will say I generally always come back to my wades/nicholsons or a pixel grip dart. I've never really got on as well with any other sets. Part of me is just thinking whats the point in trying new sets but then when you're not playing in leagues or what have you I don't see the issue and I don't generally hold on to sets. I'll try them for a few days and if i don't like them i'll sell them or swap them on. I do think most players are better off sticking to one set, especially if playing competively. It's too easy to get a new set and have that honeymoon period and think you've cracked it when almost anytime that happens people end up back with their "main" darts shortly.

Theres a good reason most pros have been using pretty much the same dart for years (wright the obvious exception). Taylors evolution was perhaps the most interesting though.
Yea I agree I think once you have found a set your comfortable with and can throw decently with them (Persons ability depending) then I would stick with them other wise it’s starts the process of blaming the dart and not yourself.

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