Happy Birthday Troll
Haven't been keeping track of birthdays during these troubled times.  But one caught my notice today.  Not bothering with a cake - but best birthday wishes to our one and only Troll! hichic

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Happy Birthday Troll, hope you are keeping well at these times and have agreat day whatever you are doing Smile
Happy birthday bud
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happy birthday Pal!
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Happy birthday...TO YOU!! Happy birthday....TO YOU!

Happy birthday dear Troll...

And many more years to you!

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Happy Birthday Moomin!
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I hope you have a wonderful day and are staying healthy. Maybe you could share some photos of your new darts that you bought for your birthday? You did do that right?
Happy Birthday to our Official Ambassador, may your day be blessed with shiny pointy tungsten!
Happy Birthday!!!
Happy Birthday, Troll!

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The Bad Darter
Here's hoping you have a great day Troll. Throw some 180's to celebrate.
Happy birthday mate.
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