Dark Thunder Coating
(05-07-2020, 01:21 AM)Mart Rees Wrote: You are starting a trend Hazza, I'll be stripping my nose and tail tomorrow after looking at your pics!

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I'm following the trend...

[Image: O1oYT5M.jpg]
Left: without paint, right: with paint
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I think they look better with just paint in the grooves as well.
Yes its me, I checked in the mirror. 

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^^^ I agree !!!
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Very nice!...the dark thunders I had seemed almost looked rubberized (not a word) , I didn’t think the paint came off...i sold them 6-7 months ago. Mine were 25g. Didn’t like them at the time.
(06-17-2020, 12:25 PM)SparkVendetta Wrote: I'm following the trend...

[pic here]
Left: without paint, right: with paint
Apart from the top and bottom of the barrel, they look exactly the same to me. There is no difference in the grooves that i can see.

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