Wrist action
Does anyone have any advice on getting a good wrist action.when I can get it right I can throw some nice darts but some rubbish if I can’t get the wrist to flick.probably a case of practice,practice,practice but worth an ask.
If it doesn't come natural, don't force it is how I see a dart throw meant to be fluid and accurate.

I'm a firm believer in the "KISS" method of doing things. As in "Keep It Simple Stupid" and it has worked for me for many years.
My experience/theory to the wrist action:
The wrist snap is another acceleration.
The more you use your wrist consciously the more you will notice that the success comes from the wrist movement and the less important becomes your forearm movement.
You hit the target with your wrist.
Once you have internalized this it will become impossible to throw without a good wrist action.

So be careful what you wish for since it may change your throw significant.

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