Crazy Online Sales of McDonalds.
With McDonalds announcing a month long closure in Singapore due to cases of Covid-19 stemming from their restaurants, some 'business minded' individuals have started to sell burgers on the online retail site Carousell.

Here's a few snaps I found from these...generous sellers.

Well, as I do send prayers to those cases from those restaurants, I cannot say the same about these vultures...[Image: 575d190a8035b520d2b9a1899ddff263.jpg][Image: e9040a898507681804c390ac90290b70.jpg]

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If there's an opportunity, someone somewhere will lose no sleep whatsoever monetising misery.
Taxi for Mr Nelson!
Totally insane but I get it. People are scared to shop in person anymore, myself included. Just not a fan of fast food.
It's completly and utterly dispicable what some people do
but i couldn't half eat one right now
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