Luke Humphries Stems
Anyone know what stems he uses and where to buy them? They’re quite long

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Don't know where to buy - but they're just a normal nylon stem. UPDATE: This site claims to have them - but I don't know if the site is out of date or not, so I would wait for someone else, probably MC1958, to see what is what.

I know Tommy's Darts had them when they were going strong.
[Image: 46x5vi.jpg]
That dartsandflights shop is one of Pure Darts old shops and has been inactive for many years now.

As far as I am aware none of the shops sell the long stems he uses now, but I was lucky enough to pick up a couple of sets off ebay at the start of the year - can't remember the seller but it was the last sets he had. You may get lucky like I did and find some on there.
Mike "the-dart-guy" from Canada has them on ebay. They're 65 mm long. This answers the question of why the longest commonly available stem length today is called "medium".
You wonder why they don't shut the site down.
[Image: 46x5vi.jpg]
Little bump for this one as have just seen Red Dragon are now selling the long shafts again, 65mm excluding the thread, at 4 sets for £3:

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