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(05-23-2020, 05:46 PM)southpaw_8585 Wrote: Absolutely. But do you want to have different pace on the first dart? Considered slowing down all three?
I don't always slow down on the first dart but I try to. It's something I work on. I am more consistent when the first dart is slightly slower but I am a mess when the rest are. The second and third darts have to be quicker or it's not good. I am very much a "less time to think is for the best" type of player.

But I have slowed down a touch recently. That clip is me at around 80%. If you look at Ricky Evans, he is similar. He sets his first dart and the other two are all rhythm. He's much quicker than me but his first dart approach is similar. Although I have thrown a 180 in around 3 seconds, which is nice. Still, I think he has me beat pace-wise.
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