Uniget Gary van Barneveld Phase 4 Darts
Been tinkering around with my light tent and my Tarcorn Raymond Anderson darts before going mad at home

Hope you like it [Image: 383bdc1b903aa5d95e93db68bf1dea98.jpg][Image: b66a4bc31d48b4bd1ce300bcf07c951b.jpg][Image: 8355739fdc81f54d1ccbacaafe8cc61f.jpg][Image: f5a42273a8ea35f5725728e12a9771a4.jpg][Image: f1c6e109bf969fbac17898d501eda5ca.jpg][Image: 06a5f5d9f41d243e921a93d605549dad.jpg]
[Image: kI8ebGq.png]
Haha great work. I really like those rvb flights
Darts:  Datadart Icon 24g Modified to 22g with three extra rings and shortened to 49mm
Shafts: Mission Nylon medium 
Flights: Mission logo 100 No.2 

[Image: op13lZ6.png]
Looks like you got the light tent dialed in. We have to stay busy not going out in crowds. I like the Target flights too.
I love those rvb flights.... have just ordered myself a couple of set s
Nice! Smile
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Thanx all
[Image: kI8ebGq.png]

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