looking for new darts. Harrows vs. One80
Long story short: I've always played soft tips. I recently got a cheap steel tip board and some conversion tips to see if I'd like it and honestly, it's amazing. I can't see myself playing much soft tip anymore. 

So with that said, I now want some steel tip darts that are heavier and have more grip. I have a few sets of darts but my best/favorite darts are Unicorn Michael Barnard, 18g soft tip. Lately I've been finding them to be on the skinny side with next to nothing for grip. Here's a photo if you don't remember them (now with some steel tip conversion points).
[Image: 49692834957_1a669bf575_z.jpg]

I've actually been throwing better with some cheap Unicorn copper darts (16g) due to them having more grip, mainly the wide cutout part of the grip between the black rings...that edge is great. Edit: forgot to mention they are way too light.

[Image: 49692834862_260e131c52_z.jpg]

I was looking at the One80 Night Hunter Attack...looks to have great grip and I've seen them mentioned in a few threads on this forum when doing a search. 

Then I saw a banner ad at the top of this forum for the Harrows Oblivion and they look amazing as well and the edges on the rings look great for grip. Problem is I haven't found much of anything for info on them other than that are new.

Has anyone seen the Oblivion in person yet, or give them some throws? I've seen good things written about the One80s; has anyone had any issues with them?

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