Winmau Danny Noppert 23g
Winmau Danny Noppert
[Image: 8xO5lv9.jpg]

These are the 23g darts as used by Dutch star Danny Noppert. These are a classy looking dart with classic grip and are sure to suit any number of players. They are also available in 25g.

[Image: rtF2Vgj.jpg]
The darts are straight barrelled 90% Tungsten and  are 50.8mm in length, . They are 6.4mm width all the way along and come fitted with standard black points. The majority of the barrel has a dual ring grip ,  but the very back of the barrel is smooth and marked with the manufacturers logo. The dart is covered with a black pvd coating within the grooves of the grip and on the rear smooth section, the outermost extremities of the barrel are natural tungsten and features flashes of Orange.

[Image: h2C6VTV.jpg][Image: 1FJAjbs.jpg][Image: a883Tnp.jpg]

When weighing the barrels the scales show 23.26g, 23.27g and 23.28g, not a bad weight match.

In the box along with the barrels you receive one set of prism force stems and prism alpha standard flights but for the purposes of this review I have changed the set up to match that which Danny Noppert uses: Short orange Winmau Prism Force stems and Winmau Rhino extra thick Danny Noppert Kite flights.
[Image: 8JLhALC.jpg]

The darts are quite grippy throughout and are similar to the grip found on the Unicorn Gary Anderson Barrels (See picture for comparison) The darts feel nice in the hand and have a slight forward weighting. Throwing these is a nice experience and shouldn't trouble anyone. The only thing some people may struggle with is the length but with a set up change all should be suited.
[Image: fm39fvB.jpg]

Personally my index finger rested on the smooth section at the rear and even from there I found enough grip to consistently hit where I was aiming.

[Image: 3dlGgRw.jpg]
[Image: wqBe1eJ.jpg]


Design: 9/10

Grip: 8/10

Weight matching: 8/10

Value: 8/10

Overall score:33/40
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Good review, I used to own the previous full black version. Great darts Smile
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(03-18-2020, 03:59 PM)MarcTH Wrote: Good review, I used to own the previous full black version. Great darts Smile

They are indeed, I can't believe no one has reviewed them on here before!
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Good looking set of arrows, thanks for the review and piccies, have already added to the review index Smile
Nice review, thanks Smile
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Nice comparison with the Gary Anderson darts. Another classy dart for sure, and the kite flights are a plus for me.

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I'd like to get and try this darts...I read good options on them. Nice review by the way.

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You are pretty strict on your weight matching. Those are +- a hundredth of a gram!! I think that is better than 8/10.

I have some Designa Black Shadow, bomb shaped, darts that come out exact. 23.95 on my scale. Obviously, that’s a 10/10 but I’m sure most darts are worse than your Nopperts.

I have wanted these Nopperts for a while but have never thrown darts as well as these Designas, so bomber for life, I guess.

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Now that is one mighty fine looking dart. May look at some soon.
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Thank you for the good review; nice darts.

Since it was mentioned above: I agree with the weight score.
Its not the deviation between them (perfect) but the absolute divergence from the anticipated 23g.

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