playing myself into a slump
Hey guys,

i started playing 3 years ago. in the early 2020 i decided to join a dartsclub.i love the game and i am very motivated to improve. But sometimes im manovering myself into a slump where i feel no confidence at all. My main problem is, that i cant really stick to a specific throw over a long time. when i have some bad nights, i start to change little things in my throw and it starts getting into my head. 

Best example:

Yesterday i tweaked around again and had a great training session. I was throwing multiple tons, and a few 140ies, even a 180, which i rarely throw. I was very happy that i was able to throw the darts for a whole night the same way. I went to bed and wanted to repeat this today. Since i tweaked some tiny details the night before, i wanted to do it the same way. But it took me forever to warmup and getting the darts where i wanted them to go. finally i played some 301 DO to get on doubles often. My average was around 35-40. This damn average does not want to get better (overall around 40-45). When i started to play darts i threw the same average after a month. I know im way better now in terms of check out ways and throwing style, but i cant feel the real improvement i'd like to see in the numbers.

What do you suggest? Im overthinking many things i guess.
You said it in the last sentence I'd say.

I think the problem most people have with darts is that the gains usually come in small increments over a long period of time and the losses of form seem to happen overnight----at least in most players minds. That leads to frustration and tinkering which can lead to more frustration and tinkering.

You're not alone in what you're going through and I dare say it has happened to most players at some time or another. That is why there are so few players that can make a good living at this game.

Like nixer55 said, overthinking every aspect can lead to bad things happening. Next time you have a good session, enjoy it for what it is/was and go to bed knowing you have the ability to throw that well over a nice period of time. If a bad practice session happens, step back and try to relax and give it another go. If the same happens, then perhaps it's just not your day to have a good session and walk away to come back another time.
Been where you are... but I'm coming through the other side bow I hope...

Took tips from Wayne Mardle Twitter.... realised I practice wrong and was looking at the wrong things to try and improve.... took what I could relate to and worked at it.... I can say I have defo benefited from it.

Good luck mate
Thx for your feedback guys. "Improvement comes in small increments" was the thing that pushed me the most. its getting better now. I feel relaxed and im improvingSmile threw 2 180ies since my post and got way better on hitting straight 20ies. I think i can stick to my adjustments. Adjustments made on a good basis Smile

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