Performance Dart Relentless
Performance Darts Relentless 22g

These are the latest darts from Performance Darts, they offer grip along the whole barrel in differing forms. They are available in 22g and 24g I have the 22g version.  They retail at £31.95 which in today’s dart market is quite reasonable. 
[Image: HoykE4n.jpg]
[Image: RrHt5Xu.jpg]
[Image: syIdtKG.jpg]
The darts are a fairly simple looking dart with no extra colours added to them. 
Starting at the back there is a small area of micro grip, then there are 3 regular rings followed by a larger micro grip section. There are 4 more ring grips before reaching the nose where there is a micro grip section separated by 3 rings as the nose tapers down. Over all the grip of this dart is a 7/10.

The dart is 48mm long, 6.4mm wide and is 90% Tungsten. 
Weighing the barrels they came out at 21.88g 21.90g and 21.90g 
[Image: QR1M2fs.jpg][Image: rY1SUCG.jpg][Image: GLh86L3.jpg]

The darts come in a Performance Dart blister pack which includes a set of standard flights and some medium stems as well as a solid plastic case. The darts are fitted with standard steel tips. 

[Image: AOFXwax.jpg][Image: 244gYvA.jpg]

This is a nicely balanced dart and felt nice to throw, it suited my grip as I have grip points all along the barrel. 
[Image: KRaurJo.jpg]

I played with these for about an hour and seemed to find them comfortable on my fingers. Although I grouped the darts together there didn’t seem to be any damage marks to the barrels at all. Within that time I managed to hit one 180 with these. 

[Image: vRuGl2N.jpg]
[Image: UFY0UGn.jpg]
[Image: H3X8JIr.jpg]
[Image: Apl3PiC.jpg]

I really like these darts and think they could suit a lot of players. I think these would be a good place for a beginner to start due to the different grip types. I’m going to continue using these and may even use them in my league match this week. 

Design: 7/10
Grip: 7/10 
Weight matching: 9/10
Value: 7/10

Overall score: 30/40

PS these were ordered direct from Performance Darts and arrived within 24 hours, so there’s an extra 10/10 for customer service!
[Image: 84EIGh2.jpg]
Nice looking dart, thanks for the review Smile

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The Bad Darter
Beautiful. I love the grip profile of this one Smile

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I liked the look of these when they were announced, especially with the microgrip sections - as you say a decent price as well in todays market. Thanks for the review and pics, have already added it to the review index Smile
Good looking dart with lots reference points for fingers, thanks for the pictures and review. Have a +1
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Thanks all, I’m really enjoying these darts, flying really well. Have hit 4 180’s in total. And then just now I go and destroy the performance darts flights! :doh: 

[Image: mhNBkOv.jpg]
[Image: 84EIGh2.jpg]

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