right handed and left eye dominant and winmau sight right 2
I am concidering buying the Winmau sight right 2, but i am right handed and left eye dominant. Are there any of you in the forum, that are right handed and left eye dominant that have benefits  from using the sight right2?
Hi mate, I'm left eye dominant right handed, have used site right but I wasn't overly happy, what I did is threw a load of darts with my whole body in line with the bull, then the same slightly over with my left eye in line with the bull... recorded the scored and worked out averages and now I stand with the bull and left eye in alignment. I also find starting with the dart in front of the left eye helps too.... I draw back under my right jaw. Hope that helps but best thing I did was work out my average roughly by throwing in different places along the oche then sticking with the best.

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