When playing darts I have a thing where my arm wanders around on some shots?
Any advice how to stop this?
Try throwing some rounds with your eyes closed and focus your attention on the movement of your arm. This might help highlight what is going on. If it is an issue of weakness in the muscles of your arm, you might try an elbow brace to stabilize the arm while you build up those muscles. If it is a question of just unrefined mechanics, then I would say that you just need to spend some quality time in front of your practice board refining the movements in your throw such that you are minimizing movement in the upper arm and keeping your body and legs more or less rock solid. There will always be at least a little bit of movement in the upper arm, but it can be reduced with effort. Most (but not all) of the movement should be in the muscles and joints below the elbow.

Make sense?
I suffer from that too, and it tends to be because I am not concentrating on my throw and doing it the same each time.

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