Old shaft thread size
I just picked up a set of Unicorn Dum Dums that I'm guessing are from the early 70s. They have long cane shafts fitted into threaded plastic holders, and feature feather flights, but the feathers are in very bad shape. I'm wondering if anyone knows the thread size of the plastic holder part (which threads into the dart body). I thought they were 2BA, and they're very close to that, but just slightly off. I had expected they'd be 1/4 like my other old brass Unicorns, but they aren't. 

Any ideas about the thread size? When I look at the 1970 Unicorn Book of Darts, it looks like they made 3 sizes: 1/4, 3BA, and a number that I'm not fully sure of but may be 3/16. Thanks in advance for any info anyone can provide.
Search eBay for 1/4 inch old threads, or old style dart shaft. I got some delivered yesterday.
(03-07-2020, 10:26 AM)Billy Bonkers Wrote: Search eBay for 1/4 inch old threads, or old style dart shaft. I got some delivered yesterday.

If you read the initial post it said he expected them to be the old 1/4 thread but the aren't
Ah, so he did. Maybe someone else can use the info...
Just had a look through some of the other Unicorn books and the number you can't make out is 3/16" and I'm fairly sure that would be the size you need - although where you would find them I don't know.

It's a bit of a long shot, but it may be worth asking Unicorn if they still have some lying around (it is unlikely, but you never know), or they may even have an idea of where you can get some.
I have bought new 1/4 " shafts and feather flights on eBay from this guy in Canada. He may be willing to re-feather your 3/16" stems.

eBay Seller:
39 Elkwood Dr.
Hamilton L9C 2T4
Thanks for the replies -- I'll try contacting Unicorn, and if that doesn't work, I'll give the-dart-guy a try. The cane part itself just slides into a short sleeve in the 3/16" white plastic threaded part, and those plastic parts are still in decent shape -- so I could also try adapting some regular stems to fit into that sleeve (or 3d print something).

I know that working on old cars is all about finding the parts, but didn't expect the same with old darts! Smile

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