my bargains just delivered
Just came today, sooooo happy, a fantastic win on fleabay again ,bargain of the decade, i bought a set many years ago new from a shop in Cardiff back in the  late 70's early 80's but took them back to exchange as could not get on with them....doh!! (i have always regretted that decision ) Since then i have been lucky enough to pick up an old copper tungsten set but not in the condition as these,i don't understand how they went relatively unnoticed on the auction site, any way here are my lovelies ......

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Hey man those are really nice. Well done. Mint condition it appears as well.
Dart are looking great, in great condition considering the age Smile
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Nice my sort of dart
(03-19-2020, 10:52 AM)Mike HermThe Wrote: Nice my sort of dart

i agree, my style of dart. 

looks like a good purchase

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