Target Carrera V-Stream V2 21g Review
Hi All

Now I'm back addicted to the game and experimenting with darts both old and new I figured I might as well make some contribution to the forum with a quick review of the Carrera V-Stream V2 darts in 21g. These are the most interesting from a design perspective of the darts i've picked up recently (and Darren hasn't reviewed them, yet!  Big Grin ) so here goes.


These darts come in the standard slimline Target packaging complete with 3x Pro Grip Short stems and 3x Carrera V-Stream flights. The stems are your run of the mill Pro Grip but thats no bad thing as they're a great stem in my experience. The flights are quite nice too and give the darts a nice look. 

[Image: z0iSLYi.jpg]

[Image: vQeBCYF.jpg]

[Image: yo49ti7.jpg]


These are a long straight barrelled dart, i would say evenly balanced depending on the setup you choose. I'm using them with short pro-grip stems and Harrows Retina flights.

Length: 52mm
Width: 6.1mm

I don't have a digital calipers to measure so the below will have to do but looks to be spot on 52mm though not clear with this image i'm afraid.

[Image: q9jNPsj.jpg]


There are two distinct grip sections to the dart. The V-stream section at the front and a standard double ring grip at the rear. The rear grip is a low medium while the v-stream section is a high grip in my opinion. The v-stream section does have to be held to really appreciate as its unlike any grip i've ever felt before. If i run my finger along the barrel it feels sharp, like a razor/shark grip but once gripping the dart it doesn't feel as severe in the hand. 

[Image: Jh0YwQK.jpg]

This dart is suited best to a front gripper looking for a high level grip. Rear grippers are best to avoid to be honest as you are paying over the odds without the benefit of using the v-stream grip section to its fullest. As a middle/rear gripper i found this a frustrating dart to use. I can't seem to grip the dart consistently and find it uncomfortable too. This is mainly due to my thumb resting just where the v-stream ends and the ring grip starts so I struggle to propel the darts forward the same way I would my Andersons or other purist type grip. I also found the points a bit smaller than i'm used to which means my finger doesn't rest where it normally would but that would be easily rectified and isn't really a complaint.


The aesthetics and design of this dart really are fantastic. Pictures don't do it justice as they really are a sight to behold and certainly the nicest looking dart I've owned. Target really have outdone themselves in that sense. The grip is unusual but for any front grippers looking for a high grip you won't go wrong with these darts but for others you may not get the benefit so be aware of that. The downsides for me are the price and the cheap packaging (IMO). £75 is a lot of money for what you get here so if you're looking for value then this isn't it. Personally I think the packaging is really poor for such an expensive set, compared to the similarly priced Unicorn Noirs there is no comparison. I recall Target always packaged their darts like this or similar which was fine when charging £30-40 but is a bit underwhelming for a dart of this price. 

It'll be interesting to see how these darts hold over time as i'd imagine the v-stream fades similar to the standard carreras over time. I don't expect I'll use these much (they might pop up in the BSS shop soon!) due to my grip but am interested in hearing others experiences. 

[Image: mPJfIJ6.jpg]

[Image: HcCyldg.jpg]

[Image: L71YFtd.jpg]

Summary Ratings

Looks 10/10
Grip 10/10 (as grippy a dart as you'll find i reckon)
Weight Match I don't have a digital scales but Target have decent track record here
Quality 9/10
Value 3/10
Suitability for me 3/10 (grip suits me but where I hold the dart doesn't!)

Best Feature That blue coating and the grip
Nice review, very well done.  Thanks for putting it together.  

Added to our All Reviewed Darts Index - your one stop shopping for all reviewed darts. Big Grin

I'm liking this review and the pics are pretty good as well. +1 Well Done
Really great review and pictures, please do some more! +1
Great review. Thanks for taking the time out to put it together
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Cheers folks.
Nice review mate, its a good looking dart Smile
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