So many sets of darts
I have so many different sets of darts, yet I'm still no further forward with what feels comfortable, and what actually suits me. I feel like just chucking them all in the bin and starting again lol. I know it's hard for anyone to help with this, as what suits a player is personal preference. But any help would be greatly appreciated, many thanks.

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I would say choose one set, even if it’s the set you think look the best and give them a month or two. If you don’t improve then think about a different set. You need to get comfortable with a set, then you can work out what if anything you want to change
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Just spend a little time deciding which give you a repeatable grip, land in the board how you like and then just tinker with your set up.
Try each set of darts this way, I have a box with medium, tweenie and short stems with standard and pear flights set up ready for trying with new sets.
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I'm sure I can relate 100% to your trial and error finding the correct dart weight and set-up. I've found that the prettiest or most expensive dart just will not make it out of my hands sometime. You have to feel like the end result is more important than how the darts look. Once you find that dart then you can go for a similar dart design in your desired color. LOL I like gold!!
I think you should be trying different shapes and styles to try find one that suits you best. I've tried bullet/bomb, straight, tapered etc. and found that I get on best with a straight barrel. Couldn't throw bullet really at all due to how i grip though i'd give a tapered dart another try.

For me a straight barrel with decent high medium grip and I can throw them with not much change in results really. I do have preferences within that type but in honesty I get reasonably similiar results regardless. My problem is I get bored of a set and see some other nice looking dart and I end up getting them. Saying that I haven't really moved from a long straight barrel with a purist type grip in years.
I would first buy a few sets of cheap shafts/flights in different sizes and shapes. Then take a set of darts that has some sort of marker where your natural grip would land. Use those darts with the different flights and shafts for a few weeks and repeat. It takes a while but you'll find you can probably throw with any set of darts with enough practice.
Like others have said, stick with one set for a while and go from there.
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