Locked on Target?
Hello All,

Most members will note that I try and help players improve their results by offering tips I have learned or which have been passed on to me by good players. Often I will also post what I call reminders of the Bleeding Obvious too. 

On this site there are literally hundreds of years of darting experience which can be gleaned and I have benefited tremendously by following the tips and advice provided, thank you!

We have all read about selecting darts how best to get a good stance at the oche to aim properly and to develop a relaxed throwing style and keeping a solid as you can whilst launching your dart and have a good follow through etc, etc, etc.

An important ingredient though is locking your arm/wrist ahead of your drawback and release...I must say I find this very hard to articulate but here goes ..... Rolleyes

My throwing style begins as I approach the oche (having referred to the score beforehand) I will now have a target to go for and take a very good look at it before raising the dart to my eye line.

In my approach to throwing I aim the dart - to - target by looking through the flight down the barrel and align it in my peripheral vision with the target adjusting my arm position ever so slightly where necessary. I then keep my forearm as vertical as possible so as to not allow the elbow to move. 
Keeping in mind that the elbow is like a universal joint and pivot and if moving out of position ever so little laterally, magnifies the error of alignment at the wrist by a big margin so keeping it solid laterally is important.

Now ....the difficult bit....

In this position with everything aligned and head shoulders fixed... I try to gently freeze my grip - wrist - forearm for a very brief moment so that it’s feel kind of locked....not too tense at all but definitely ‘held’ just before I drawback the dart... (it feels as though I’ve tensed the muscle in my upper arm just above the elbow ever so slightly) ....then I throw keeping everything steady and as smooth as possible. 

It is a fine balancing act needing a lot of concentration but the results are very rewarding as I achieve a good degree of success. You know that feeling we all love when you are confident everything is right before you launch and then you hit it ....great  Smile!

What I’ve tried to describe above works very well for me and yes ....we’re all different but logically if you are not locking your arm/elbow/wrist in some way slightly before drawing back and following through you are always in my humble opinion, going to get inaccurate results.

A lot of players do something similar I’m sure to what I describe without acknowledging it as a specific part of their throw and for me to try to perfect, it means I really had to continually concentrate until it became smooth as possible and a natural part of my throwing action.

I really hope I’ve made some kind of sense here and I apologies beforehand if not.... Blush  and welcome other opinions on this aspect of dart throwing.

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My father Merlin, once told me that "You should end up pointing to what you were aiming at when you've released the Dart."

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thank you very much for this detailed description!  Smile
Thanks for helping me with a checklist for my next session.

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