Gotta love Amazon
Yesterday morning I ordered something (not darts related) using prime with delivery for today - my tracking details for said item are:

10.14am yesterday the package left an Amazon facility in Italy

1.04pm not sure when it arrived, but at 1.04pm it left an Amazon facility in Southend

7pm it arrived at an Amazon facility in Milton Keynes and 8.21pm departed said facility

2.42am this morning it arrived at the final delivery station in Basildon

So from leaving Southend to arriving at Basildon via Milton Keynes it took Amazon 13 hours 38 minutes. Not too bad as I only ordered it yesterday.

However, if they had cut out Milton Keynes and sent it straight to Basildon from Southend it would have only taken somewhere in the region of 30 minutes!!!
Amazon Prime is one of the modern day wonders of the world.

I love that I can order something on the afternoon of day 1 and it can be in my hand by lunchtime of day2. (obviously only certain items)
[Image: 84EIGh2.jpg]
We love Amazon Prime and with that subscription you get amazon prime on the TV as well.

My mother lives less than 2 miles from an Amazon warehouse. We ordered from them and mom had her package in less than 4hrs!
I love Amazon for stuff, i dont have Prime & usually get stuff in 3-4 days, there building a new Amazon facility an hour away from me i can't wait, as far as shipping i dont think any Mail system wants to lose there business
They know the way to our house blindfolded. Smile
If you know what I'm doing, don't tell me .... I find bliss in my confusion.

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