Happy Birthday Getagrip
It's a Bullseye - Happy Birthday Darren, hope you have a great day Smile

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Happy Birthday.
Have a good day.
Happy birthday Darren!!!! have a great day
Happy birthday Darren! enjoy the day!
all the best Darren,
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Happy birthday Darren, hopefully this birthday brings you many darting presents.
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Another lap ‘round the sun. Happy birthday mate Smile
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Happy birthday Darren,  wish you lots of new darts  Big Grin
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Happy birthday Darren!!! Our review meister!

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Happy birthday Darren, have a great day !
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Happy darting birthday, Darren.
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Happy Birthday Darren, have a good one Smile
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The Bad Darter
Happy Birthday Darren, enjoy and have a great day. mint
Happy Birthday Darren, hope you have a great day, keep up the great dart reviews.
Thanks everyone! will be celebrating tonight for sure Smile

another decade gone! Where does it go lol! Smile
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