Cuesoul Tero Flight System Review and an idea for Cuesoul
I just got my cuesoul tero stems and flights yesterday and threw for about an hour with them and though I would put up my observations.

The cuesoul tero stem/flight system sets out to solve one of the issues that has plagued spinning flights (rattle/noise) while introducing an ingenious new feature (impact absorption). It is debatable whether or not spinning flights help to achieve tighter groupings by way of less deflection (I for one believe it to be true despite not personally using spinning flights due to their cons). If you are a believer in spinning flights then you should at least take a look at this newer system.

Although it may look quite complicated at first with the stems consisting of the plastic stem, a spring and two clips that hold the spring in place (all of which comes pre-assembled and the springs and clips are available as a spare kit in the event you damage/lose them although I see that being unlikely), it is a simple concept.  A flight that snaps onto the end of the stem and is able to move freely up and down the end of the stem and rotate as well.  The spring provides tension on this to keep the flight from rattling/moving unless a certain impact force is applied to it.   

You could pick up a dart with this system on it and give it a throw and have no idea it had a movable flight on the end.  It is that solid.  You can shake the snot out of it in your hand and not get the flight to make a noise or any perceived movement.  You don't even notice any difference when an individual dart hits the board.  The only time you notice the system is by manually pushing a flight down or rotating it with your fingers and when a dart lands into a tight grouping upon which the previous dart spins and/or compresses for a split second to let that dart through.

I purchased the F size shaft (43mm) and the kite flights and upon assembly these measured out almost identical to my medium pro grip stems with kite flights on them. The cuesoul kite flights measure out slightly bigger than standard kites in length of the blades with the width being the same. The flight material is a slightly gummy plastic that has good stiffness but does not seem brittle at all.  I noticed no perceivable difference in entry angle compared to my similar sized traditional stem/flight making me believer there isn't much of a weight difference in these, although I didn't officially weigh them. 

The performance of these flights is exceptional. You notice the difference in deflections upon the first dart you place into a crowded space.  The darts have a nice muted sound when grouped closely as the next dart adjusts its way through to the board. In just the hour I spent throwing with these it was apparent that my darts were finding the board on a much straighter path in a grouping than before.  The most notable were when a dart would just slightly catch a wing tip of a previous dart and rotate it ever so slightly.  Knowing that with a traditional setup the second dart would find a completely new path to the board, the cuesoul system simply moved out of the way with no effect. Also, when slotting a dart down in between the wings (think barrels touching as the second dart flies in) with a traditional setup this would result in the point being pull off course. With the cuesouls the second dart would come to rest perfectly parallel to the first as the compression takes the impact.

My only issue came into play on two fronts.  

First one is fixable on my end.  The darts I am currently using have a tapered barrel with a very defined and sharp lip around the point. This has absolutely shredded my traditional flights when a dart comes in with the point gliding right along the edge of the flight only to have the perpendicular lip around the point contact the end of the flight. On the cuesouls, one of these hits resulted in a noticeable 4mm wide notch on the trailing edge of the flight. With the gummieness of the material though I was able to somewhat heal the edge back to make it less noticeable.  I say this issue is fixable as I am about to put a set of storm points on this set to alleviate the harsh edge of the barrel by the point.  Again, this particular barrel has proven extremely harsh on all flights prior to my eventual switch to storms (which I anticipate will have a great effect).

Second issue might be fixable but will still pose a threat.  Robin hoods. Because the material has a slight gummieness to it and also probably because my points are brand new and ultra sharp, I had several robin hoods in my first hour with the cuesouls. One that hit square in the middle of the back of the flight, which then promptly fell out.  It resulting in a slight flaring of the center/rear of the flight which in my mind will only welcome more robin hoods. There is no real perceptible way to re-taper that section to its original shape.  The other robin hood happened when a dart ran down the valley between two wings and hit the section that would normally be the tine on a standard stem.  This one stuck and stayed and left a rather large hole that is begging to be hit again. These issues might have been resolved by me dulling my points and/or the storm points might help.  The thing I am pointing out here though is that it seems they went for a less brittle plastic but wound up with a gummier one that invites points to bury themselves into its softness.

In conclusion, I do feel like this system is an outstanding step forward in spinning shafts that also brings in the impact dampening component that can only help darts reach their intended destination with as little deflection as possible.  The current cost of the system is still quite high and to me is dis proportionate to the benefits. I believe with increased production they will eventually bring the cost down. I do plan to pick up another set of flights to have a spare and am very curious how they will perform once I fix the harsh edge on my barrels with some storm points. 

Idea for Cuesoul if they happen to read this:

You have a great innovation in this system with both spinning and absorbing shock from the rear.  Instead of having a molded flight on the "cap" that snaps onto the shaft, what if you had a molded cap with a traditional stem end on it resulting in the ability to put any flight onto the system.  I could see that setup, with punched flights and rings, being quite indestructible with the ability to swap out flights cheaply at will. 

Hit me up if you need a prototype tester  Big Grin
Nice write up! +1 rep for sharing. I spent about 45 minutes cruising around the Cuesoul site the other day and I had to stop because my wallet was getting itchy. They have some very nice products!
Nice review Atison, +1! I have also had a few Robin Hoods with them but like you my points were brand new and very sharp (Cosmo Mickey Mansell darts, fitted with the sharpest points I've ever seen!). I guess Cuesoul's biggest market will be soft tip players who won't have any problems.

They annoyed me slightly as I could hear the spring every time they hit the board but it's not noticeable with a bit of background noise and overall I like them.
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(01-23-2020, 05:04 PM)Chappers Wrote: Nice review Atison, +1!  I have also had a few Robin Hoods with them but like you my points were brand new and very sharp (Cosmo Mickey Mansell darts, fitted with the sharpest points I've ever seen!).  I guess Cuesoul's biggest market will be soft tip players who won't have any problems.

They annoyed me slightly as I could hear the spring every time they hit the board but it's not noticeable with a bit of background noise and overall I like them.

Interesting as I can't hear the spring when the dart hits the board.  To me they sound identical to a traditional stem/flight combo.  I think I have a rather soft board though (Unicorn Eclipse Pro) as my standard points always bury all the way up to the barrel and I am not a hard thrower.
Great review, thanks for sharing +1 from me too Smile
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Been throwing the cuesoul flight/stem combo for about a week now and have a few more observations.

Dart flight is great with these still. Identical to a target pro grip medium with kite flight (I have the cuesoul f size stems and kites).

While there are instances of deflections being lessened, I have been getting the occasional major redirect on flight contact. Some that I would anticipate would be lessened by the spinning flight. For instance, contacting the edge of a flight wing that is parallel to the floor. This should easily spin the flight but I have noticed more and more a serious deflection.

Another thing I have noticed, and this one could be the deal breaker for me on these, is that on occasion I have noticed that not all flights have settled in the fully extended position. Let me explain a little better. The system works by utilizing a spring to put tension on the flights to eliminate slop while at the same time absorbing impact from the rear by compressing the flight on the shaft and then the spring returning it to full extension. I have found though that the flights don't always return to full extension, getting hung up on the friction fit aspect of the system.

This can have serious effects similar to throwing 3 darts that range in stem length from mid to tweener/intermediate. Even if you don't feel much difference between those two stem lengths the issue can get into your head and when I am standing at the oche I don't want to be thinking about if my stems are fully extended or not.

I am going to continue to throw with these for the short term but I don't see any repurchase once these flights are toast.
Another update, and its not looking good for me with this system.

So I haven't thrown with these exclusively, but I swap them in every now and then to keep feeling them out. Still getting the issue where one flight won't return to the fully extended state resulting in one dart being noticeably shorter than the rest. Not good.

Another thing starting coming in too. One of the main benefits of this system is that it is supposed to eliminate wobbly/noisy spinning components. Yet now I am getting a noticeable rattle/noise when I throw them. Sorry, but that is one of the main selling points of this system and it is failing at that all for a heafty price of $20.

These will now be relegated to the "oddity" museum of my dart collection sitting along the likes of my PowerPoints and aluminum spinning shafts.

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