2020 Super League Germany
[Image: cE2iWQH.jpg]

The 2020 edition starts next weekend - 16 players over 5 matchdays/weekends:

Manfred Bilderl
Christian Bunse
Gabriel Clemens
René Eidams
Kai Gotthardt
Dragutin Horvat
Daniel Klose
Jens Kniest
Karsten Koch
Thomas Köhnlein
Nico Kurz
Maik Langendorf
Robert Marijanovic
Kevin Münch
Martin Schindler
Sascha Stein

Match Days:
Matchday 1 - 1/2 February - Karlsruhe
Matchday 2 -
Matchday 3 -
Matchday 4 -
Matchday 5 -
Play-Offs -

Will update the dates/venues when known
Wonder why Hopp doesn't bother with this
Not sure if he's bothered with it - he didn't play last year and he missed 2 matchdays in 2018 so got kicked out of the league. Looks like he didn't play in 2016 or 2017 either.
(01-23-2020, 05:51 PM)SamCarter501 Wrote: Wonder why Hopp doesn't bother with this

He played in 2018 and than had to miss matchdays due to clashes with other PDC events like the Matchplay and therefore got kicked out, as the rule is when you missed two matchdays you are out. Therefore he was barred from playing the qualifier in 2019 and would have had to play the qualifier again to get in for 2020.

Considering he is now in the top 32 and the only reward is a spot in the worlds, which he probably will achieve otherwise. There is little point for him to enter. Would only means, that he has to play in more tournaments and the normal PDC calendar already is full.
[Image: NSnrkBi.png]

Winmau - Andy Fordham SE
Fair enough, cheers for the clarification. I take it this is not streamed or televised as that would breach PDC players terms?
This years Superleague has started - here is a pic of the class of 2020

[Image: eb2ynGB.jpg]

I'll post the match scores as previously at the end of each days play, but this year the games can be followed on DartConnect.

On the DartConnect homepage select the "Leagues" option, and then select the "DAZN Superleague" link - the games can be followed on the "DCTV Matches" link as usual:

Scores from Day 1 of Matchday 1

Jens Knest 5-6 Maik Langendorf
Gabriel Clemens 6-2 Kai Gotthardt
Christian Bunse 3-6 Thomas Kohnlein
Martin Schindler 6-2 Nico Kurz
Rene Eidams 3-6 Sascha Stein
Manfred Bilderl 1-6 Kevin Munch
Robert Marijanovic 6-5 Karsten Koch
Daniel Klose 2-6 Dragutin Horvat

Kevin Munch 6-4 Robert Marijanovic
Karsten Koch 3-6 Daniel Klose
Maik Langendorf 6-3 Dragutin Horvat
Sascha Stein 2-6 Manfred Bilderl
Nico Kurz 4-6 Rene Eidams
Thomas Kohnlein 3-6 Martin Schindler
Kai Gotthardt 6-5 Christian Bunse
Jens Knest 1-6 Gabriel Clemens

Dragutin Horvat 6-3 Karsten Koch
Christian Bunse 3-6 Jens Knest
Martin Schindler 6-4 Kai Gotthardt
Rene Eidams 5-6 Thomas Kohnlein
Manfred Bilderl 6-1 Nico Kurz
Robert Marijanovic 6-4 Sascha Stein
Daniel Klose 6-4 Kevin Munch
Gabriel Clemens 6-3 Maik Langendorf

Robert Marijanovic 2-6 Maik Langendorf
Daniel Klose 6-3 Manfred Bilderl
Dragutin Horvat 6-4 Rene Eidams
Karsten Koch 3-6 Martin Schindler
Kevin Munch 3-6 Christian Bunse
Sascha Stein 5-6 Gabriel Clemens
Nico Kurz 6-0 Jens Knest
Thomas Kohnlein 3-6 Kai Gotthardt

Christian Bunse 6-1 Maik Langendorf
Martin Schindler 5-6 Gabriel Clemens
Rene Eidams 5-6 Jens Knest
Manfred Bilderl 6-1 Kai Gotthardt
Robert Marijanovic 6-5 Thomas Kohnlein
Daniel Klose 3-6 Nico Kurz
Dragutin Horvat 3-6 Sascha Stein
Karsten Koch 2-6 Kevin Munch

Daniel Klose 3-6 Martin Schindler
Karsten Koch 1-6 Gabriel Clemens
Manfred Bilderl 4-6 Maik Langendorf
Dragutin Horvat 6-4 Christian Bunse
Robert Marijanovic 6-2 Rene Eidams
Kevin Munch 6-3 Jens Knest
Sascha Stein 6-3 Kai Gotthardt
Nico Kurz 6-2 Thomas Kohnlein

Rene Eidams 3-6 Christian Bunse
Martin Schindler 6-3 Maik Langendorf
Manfred Bilderl 4-6 Gabriel Clemens
Robert Marijanovic 6-1 Jens Knest
Daniel Klose 6-2 Kai Gotthardt
Dragutin Horvat 6-2 Thomas Kohnlein
Karsten Koch 3-6 Nico Kurz
Kevin Munch 5-6 Sascha Stein

Maik Langendorf 6-3 Sascha Stein
Nico Kurz 4-6 Kevin Munch
Thomas Kohnlein 6-5 Karsten Koch
Kai Gotthardt 3-6 Dragutin Horvat
Jens Knest 5-6 Daniel Klose
Gabriel Clemens 6-1 Robert Marijanovic
Christian Bunse 6-5 Manfred Bilderl
Martin Schindler 6-4 Rene Eidams
Scores from Day 2 of Matchday 1

Sascha Stein 3-6 Nico Kurz
Manfred Bilderl 3-6 Martin Schindler
Robert Marijanovic 4-6 Christian Bunse
Daniel Klose 2-6 Gabriel Clemens
Dragutin Horvat 6-4 Jens Knest
Karsten Koch 6-5 Kai Gotthardt
Kevin Munch 6-1 Thomas Kohnlein
Rene Eidams 4-6 Maik Langendorf

Kai Gotthardt 0-6 Kevin Munch
Thomas Kohnlein 1-6 Sascha Stein
Maik Langendorf 0-6 Nico Kurz
Jens Knest 6-4 Karsten Koch
Gabriel Clemens 6-5 Dragutin Horvat
Christian Bunse 6-5 Daniel Klose
Martin Schindler 6-5 Robert Marijanovic
Rene Eidams 1-6 Manfred Bilderl

Kai Gotthardt 6-5 Robert Marijanovic
Sascha Stein 6-4 Karsten Koch
Nico Kurz 5-6 Dragutin Horvat
Thomas Kohnlein 5-6 Daniel Klose
Maik Langendorf 2-6 Kevin Munch
Jens Knest 2-6 Manfred Bilderl
Gabriel Clemens 2-6 Rene Eidams
Christian Bunse 6-2 Martin Schindler

Christian Bunse 6-1 Karsten Koch
Nico Kurz 1-6 Kai Gotthardt
Jens Knest 6-0 Sascha Stein
Gabriel Clemens 2-6 Kevin Munch
Maik Langendorf 6-4 Thomas Kohnlein
Martin Schindler 4-6 Dragutin Horvat
Rene Eidams 6-4 Daniel Klose
Manfred Bilderl 6-3 Robert Marijanovic

Maik Langendorf 6-2 Karsten Koch
Kevin Munch 5-6 Dragutin Horvat
Sascha Stein 4-6 Daniel Klose
Nico Kurz 6-1 Robert Marijanovic
Thomas Kohnlein 6-4 Manfred Bilderl
Gabriel Clemens 6-2 Christian Bunse
Jens Knest 6-1 Martin Schindler
Kai Gotthardt 6-4 Rene Eidams

Gabriel Clemens 4-6 Nico Kurz
Jens Knest 6-5 Thomas Kohnlein
Christian Bunse 6-2 Sascha Stein
Maik Langendorf 2-6 Kai Gotthardt
Martin Schindler 6-3 Kevin Munch
Rene Eidams 6-2 Karsten Koch
Manfred Bilderl 6-2 Dragutin Horvat
Robert Marijanovic 6-2 Daniel Klose

Karsten Koch 1-6 Manfred Bilderl
Dragutin Horvat 3-6 Robert Marijanovic
Sascha Stein 5-6 Martin Schindler
Kevin Munch 6-2 Rene Eidams
Daniel Klose 2-6 Maik Langendorf
Nico Kurz 6-5 Christian Bunse
Thomas Kohnlein 2-6 Gabriel Clemens
Kai Gotthardt 6-4 Jens Knest

And the table after Matchday 1 looks like this:

[Image: XpYtCsk.jpg]
(01-24-2020, 01:50 PM)SamCarter501 Wrote: I take it this is not streamed or televised as that would breach PDC players terms?

The regular matchdays are not streamed and are behind closed doors. The 2018 Play-offs were televised on Sport1 and on stage with crowd, but the 2019 Play-offs again were not.

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