Dead Center Challenge
(02-05-2020, 05:11 AM)djb Wrote: Just started getting back into things after a four month layoff due to a back injury.  Since I love the challenges on the forum, I decided to give this one a try.  After a few sputters, I finally got into the groove tonight and scored 875.  I'm probably happiest with the number of times I hit a 25 or 50 on the third dart to keep the game going.

wow nice!
Well, I just tried this again, and, after a couple of poor attempts, everything came together.  Please put me down for a score of 1300.
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My apologies to slimjimmy, but took the liberty of updating that terrific score! Smile
No thank you I appreciate it!! Feel free to do so whenever! I'm brand new and don't get on every day, just wanted to try and start a couple new challenges for all of us to have fun practicing!

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From what I can see here, I got 1250 back in 2017 :-)

I don't play it that often these days, however I had tought my mate how to play this game just a few weeks ago. I play it sometimes at home, although I don't chase the scores anymore. I just play it for a few minutes, giving it a few go's on the trot.
This challenge is on the main site of GDP now , not just the app

Gonna have a crack at beating top score on live stream now...........
1575 !
Wow! 1575 is a great score Ricky! Well done!
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