Seriously need advice
Hello fellow darters,

Right as I stated in my hello speech I was fairly decent (played bdo comps etc) injured my shoulder and had about 4 years out 07/01/2020 I put up a dartboard next day started hit 180 on the 9th but was struggling with the grip of the darts so I purchased 2 sets of darts from argos as I had tried the grip type and didn't find them slippery feeling.

Since the new darts I have hit another 180 with my old darts and had some moments of magic with the new darts as the pictures I attached should show, but I am unable to get any consistency with any throws I could hit a 180 then next throw single 1, single 5, treble 9 I know i won't get back to the standard I was straight away but anything anyone can suggest on grip stance etc I will happily take on board I don't think I hold the dart the same each time and I don't have any stance that improves my accuracy (side on/forward facing same sort of outcome) I would be grateful for any tips or help before I say yes to a team that asked me to join them in a league sorry about rambling I am new to this sort of thing

Cheers BIGGINGE666[Image: 562085280b3979c80b1226ad8408b7e4.jpg][Image: 0aa7ccbbaa56f69c7d4a8c364d0557f4.jpg][Image: 6e328539f54acc30842e6673ff00cc16.jpg][Image: 9fc2f28c5c9499caf0c9e3f77a7992a1.jpg][Image: 0543aefb26097b213437bbdb0585aae2.jpg]

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Obviously the fundamentals are their I would say it’s just practice so the muscle memory kicks in with stance,throw ,grip etc...... maybe film yourself on your phone so you can see for yourself what is working and what isn’t but as said it’s obviously their just got to drag it out...... good luck
I am just a recreational player, so I have never been close to your former level of play — but when I find myself throwing stray darts, I stop trying to hit specific targets with my second and third darts, and instead just try to throw them as close to identically to the first one. When I do this, my groups start getting tighter and then I can go back to paying more attention to my aiming with each dart. Pretty sure I started doing this after seeing an interview with Bristow when he was talking about how he started to improve when he was a kid just picking up the game; he said he didn’t care where the first dart landed, he just tried to make the other two land as close as he could to the first one.
Since you have a lot of experience and still get lot of great throws, I would say that you remember well the basics.
Search for the small things e.g. how you hold and move your wrist in your throwing action, where your hand/fingers ends with the follow through.
After 4 years these small unconscious things could be lost.
Thanks for the replies and yeah I assume its still there just figuring out how to get it out again nearly 8 years ago I was enjoying myself at darts comps that people like Wesley harms, van de pas, bunting, hankey etc was at and the last few days have been so infuriating but I know i need to be patient and it will click eventually. [Image: 56c77141d3fb2b1a02e4966c6fba8345.jpg]

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i would say don't commit to a team just yet,take a little time to get used to throwing again, you don't need the pressure right now.
accept that you'll throw a few wild darts now and then but that will pass it's only been a week or so
some of the practice drills on here will i'm sure help
you said it yourself patience is the key
good luck but i think you'll do ok
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take the jump for a team, nothing will snap the muscle memory back like the 'pressure' of a double to beat the local rivals.

as for the darts, i would be inclined to stick with what you know...i have tried to change a number of times but always ended up back with the phase1 andersons.

good to have you on board bud
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Having a tinker with my grip I have always been a frontish gripper but tried mid to rear and got 2 180s six minutes apart with different sets of darts [Image: 1e4b3b7b1d273891179e26b312dd4f74.jpg][Image: 2abda1f8a1aee93caf59fd15ab4dc986.jpg]

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You probably won't read this but an update and thank you it's because of you.

Thanks again for all your advice I took bits from all of you, I stayed with my old darts, I practiced just throwing to get a steady arm etc then recorded myself the best I could, would throw my first dart even if it didn't go where I wanted and try get the next 2 to follow, did practice games to get structured sessions to maximise improvement chances, didn't join the team but when they didn't have a game I went out to practice with and against them have tweaked my front foot and my throwing hand slightly and am throwing straighter darts(loose darts are 5&1's now not 9,12,18&4's may score less but tidying it up) may have another tweak or 2 to test, but the progress has been good so far since the 7/1/20 got 25 180s practice, vs bot and vs humans, 3 bulls 4+ times some 100+ checkouts 4 or 5 171s and my jdc challenge score has gone from a low 200-300 to a few low 600s alot of 700s and a few 800+ giving me an average over my last 5 attempts of 715 which is a good league standard score apparently. A few more months of practice and I will be in the league next season.

Sorry for rattling on again just very thankful for your insights and opinions it helped me make progress and not give up on getting back into this fine sport I may never be competitive again but I will be able to have a laugh with some new people while enjoying darts again

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