My throw and angles at the end.

So a few of my throw. Lack a little consistency and feel I get the odd snatch. Is there anything that looks off with this throwing action. Or is it just practise from here. 
Also at the end of the video, you'll see the darts at a slight angle. Longer darts, more than 51 or 52mm make it worse.
Lil wee tilt forward when drawing back, no biggie.  Shoulder gets involved at release, again no biggie
Rhythm, release and follow through seem good, nice throwing action IMO.
Wouldn't get too wrapped up in angle entry.  Unless it's something that's uncomfortable for you I'd just go with it.  Better a bit tail up than down for the majority I'd say and they're going in consistently, not all in different angles.
So as you mentioned it comes down to practice.  Getting out and playing others too helps especially those of a higher caliber.  
Looking good, wish you continued success. mint
I wish i would be this consistent with my throw, normally my throw is either first is good, then the second is good as well and the third goes somewhere random (the reason I can never hit more than 140...) or my first is trash, so I try to correct with the next two and I end up with a score of 12 - 5,T1,4 Big Grin

As an outsider looking at the throw my own elbow hurts (sympathy pain I guess) because it feels like you kick it too hard up and it locks out (is this correct english? :S). If it is not hurting for you, I say this is a pretty awesome throw and I am jealous Smile
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Nothing looks off with your throwing action, very well done Smile
Just continue to practice.
I bet that the slight angle of the darts comes from your finger grip and not your throwing action. I would ignore it or try a dart with another grip pattern.
Just practice me thinks..... the angle etc is probably down to flight/shaft combo... you could tinker with that,length ,shape etc but the throwing action looks pretty solid and consistent with very little movement and head staying still
My take is you look pretty solid and relaxed. It's business as usual for you. Crawl around the board more on doubles and see if the angle of the darts don't improve. You could also change your stance at the oche for a different angle.
Looks a good solid action that mate.

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