2020 Ladbrokes Masters
For anyone watching this, not got a clue what she will be doing as she isn't actually in the event, but apparently Fallon will be gracing the stage tonight - big shock the PDC bigging her up again in front of her home crowd!!!
(01-31-2020, 11:46 AM)Billy Bonkers Wrote: Dave-79 . I can’t seem to quote so maybe try recording the next programme and hope it picks up from the darts.

Not sure that would work, knowing my luck the next program will just start as scheduled.

But I figured out how to manually add time onto a given recording. It turns out I've been skipping the option for years without even noticing it was there! When you press record on a program (Panasonic HD recorder), the next screen gives you the option to fine tune the times, I didn't even notice it until recently as I've just pressed 'OK' over that screen, which means it records the program as per its booked times. As I said, if a sporting event goes over time on BBC, the recording always extends, but I've learnt that it doesn't on channels like ITV4 & Quest. Hopefully I will never miss a deciding leg again.

Of course the alternative is watching it live, but that means putting up with ads, and I'm often behind because of working evenings. I'll be the length of a footy match behind the live broadcast by the time I get in from work later. At least I have beers chilling in the fridge and snacks at the ready.

Back to the darts, it looks like a Van Gerwen / Price final could be on the cards. Price may have to beat Wright in the semis to get there. But I fancy Price to beat MVG in a thriller
My 1st round predictions

Michael Smith 7-10 Mensur Suljovic
Nathan Aspinall 10-9 James Wade
Michael van Gerwen 10-6 Jonny Clayton
Rob Cross 10-8 Adrian Lewis

Daryl Gurney 9-10 Dave Chisnall
Gary Anderson 8-10 Ian White
Peter Wright 10-5 Joe Cullen
Gerwyn Price 10-6 Simon Whitlock
Cant see Mensur beating Smith. Both with disappointing years last year, Smith with so much more to prove. Mensur probably has a load off his shoulders though with no PL this year.
I think Aspinall is a good bet over Wade but that is the epitome of "could go either way"
Will be some bets on Johnny in the third match with MvG using new darts coupled with the disappointment hangover from the worlds and the pressure that brings. But nonetheless, its still MvG, Clayton, and its the masters, so the odds are still well in van Gerwen's favor
Fourth match should be a good indicator of what we will see from Lewis this year. He has to get off to a good start. The same kind of goes for Cross but less dire. despite his tumble down to 4th in the OoM.

Chisnall over Gurney seems logical to my mind, you know what you are going to get with Ian White but its less of a certainty with Gary. He oughta be in good health by now so I'd pick him over Ian.
I think its only a matter of time for Wright to come back down to earth but Cullen may not be the one to do it. Price is coming in with much higher expectations on him so we'll see how that affects his game. I think he has the gumption to live with it unlike a lot of players so no reason he shouldn't handle Whitlock safely.
After Brexit will Wade change the plate on his shirt? EU flag is not appropriate any more...

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MVG 'reigning' world champion - don't think so, Mr. McDonald.
[Image: 46x5vi.jpg]
It is the Authentics he's using?
[Image: 46x5vi.jpg]
(01-31-2020, 10:04 PM)sjmattitude1982 Wrote: It is the Authentics he's using?

Looks like them to me.
(01-31-2020, 12:46 PM)mc1958 Wrote: For anyone watching this, not got a clue what she will be doing as she isn't actually in the event, but apparently Fallon will be gracing the stage tonight - big shock the PDC bigging her up again in front of her home crowd!!!

Fallon came on and did a 9 dart challenge with a punter before the play got started. A bit of a cringey intro got a video that I’ll upload tomorrow.
[Image: 84EIGh2.jpg]
Enjoyed that 92 finish from Jonny. D16-tops - nice!
MVG in trouble.
[Image: 46x5vi.jpg]
Bye-bye, Mr. MVG!
[Image: 46x5vi.jpg]
MVG doesn't look particularly comfortable with these darts, I guess its not a surprise as using new darts in the heat of battle is tough.

Taylor had the same issue when he moved to target, I recall him struggling a little as he tinkered with the setup, I guess MVG will do the same over the coming weeks.

I do get the feeling we are going to see a lot of shocks this year. I think we could be seeing the start of a decline in MVG's game and dominance.
Looks like Cross has new barrels as well as the smooth bit looks longer.

According to Mason it's a scallop.
New darts for cross, he has a curve/dimple like the Anderson Phase 2

EDIT: It's like the rear of Taylor Gen 2 from target, but larger dimples
It actually looks like the same grip on the Taylor Gen 2s, the grip on Cross' darts.
[Image: 46x5vi.jpg]

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