OK folks, what is the traditional New Year's Day meal where you're from
In my little part of the world, it consists of corned beef, smothered cabbage, rice, black eye peas and cornbread.

Cabbage is suppose to signify the potential for making money, black eye peas are for luck-------rice and cornbread are just basic parts of the meal with no significance.

I've eaten this meal for as long as I can remember on New Year's Day and the only thing it seems to bring me is gas.   Perhaps it's time to explore other possibilities.

So, what you got????
Whatever i make, no traditional meal here
Beef Balti Curry.

Easily the very best curry I've had all year.
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Has to be an all day fried breakfast in our house, usually after 2pm though once we surface LOL
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Nothing all as exciting as what you folks are having. I had leftover mashers with lobster and a chocolate brownie. I'm good to go now!
That sounds delicious Gumbo. Don't light any matches later though Smile Smile Smile

I am in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia and have a polar bear on a spit at the moment.

Just messing with ya....those polar bears are so full of coca cola, I wouldn't go near one lol

We don't have a traditional meal today but I am at work and my wife has a prime rib in the oven.

Giddy up!!!
Hmm... Nothing really springs to mind. Unless you want to know about Chinese New Year, then we'll have our steamboat hot pot and Yusheng tossed raw fish salad.
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