Seeking photos of Jocky Wilson's early 1980s darts / B&W catalogues or ads
Hi everyone,

I'm a big fan of the late great Jocky Wilson, and I'd love to find any more photos of the darts that Jocky used circa 1980 through 1988.

I know from Youtube he was using darts that looked just like the ones in this photo in most of his televised matches during that period, although the he weight used seemed to vary.  The commentators usually said he was using B&W 23 gram darts.  This photo is from the quarterfinal of the 1988 BDO Embassy World Championships.

These are not like the darts that Datadart make and sell with the Jocky Wilson name nowadays.  Those are fine darts no doubt, they're just not what I'm asking about.

I'd be really interested in:
  • Close-up photos of this old dart from catalogues, ads in darts magazines etc
  • Knowing the name of any earlier B&W model this photo corresponds to, if it wasn't just called the Jocky Wilson dart
  • Knowing what the letters B&W stood for -- it's hard to search the Internet productively with such a short search term
  • What happened to B&W darts anyway?  Although there's still a website they surely seem out of business
Cheers all, and thanks in advance


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