Sid Waddell's tips in Darts for Dummies
I've had this little book since I remembered to add it as a free gift in my Darts Corner basket quite some time ago. I've never really read it that closely, but stumbled on the last page yesterday and found it quite interesting. I'll paraphrase the interesting bits (the bits I found interesting!) so as not to infringe any possible copyright, and because I am lazy and can't be bothered to type it all out Smile

Quote:Start with T16, keep throwing until your grouping is really good (half inch), then move to D18 (and do the same presumably).

Move on to adjustment shots - D11 across to D6, Bull to D20 or D16.

Don't start trying to bang in T20s until you have mastered grouping darts elsewhere.

What do you think?

I have spent a lot of today just throwing for T16 and the general area, and have achieved some decent groups, moved up to D18 and landed low almost all of the time!
[Image: 5GPKrWp.png]

B: 23g   S: Short   F: No.6   180s: 2/25
I am starting to agree with the last one: don't focus on the T20 until you are solid elsewhere (I read that as "solid in your mechanics"). I have been leaving the T20 out of my practice routine lately and focusing more on doubles, with only one dart allowed per double and I **think** my results are improving.

The source is the interesting thing. Waddell not only had a long career in the darting world, but had immediate access to all the highest ranked pros for years and years (and years). Can you imagine the countless conversations he has had about darts with so many astoundingly good players? His knowledge and insight must have been incredibly deep. It is for this reason that I tend to lend weight to his advice.
I was also spending a lot of time shooting at the T20 and the frustration level got to me so moved around the board more. It adds that much more knowing I can hit other marks better than just one part of the board.
Waddell obviously had the right ideas.
Thanks JT.

The quote you chose to emphasize on has tremendous bearings within!

 a very Good point , for new players to check themselves with before they get caught up with the obsession to smash the t20.
Highlighting this quote is a must !

I always emphasize on the “grouping. Tactics for developing players 

And -   now this reminder for us current  players, it really helps us get back on track and refining our make game, By goin back to the basics of grouping, but im a systematic way!

Anything else thst “you think” deserves recognition, please share.

For me, I practiced t16 for a while. It’s a tough one to be honest.

I like double 12. I tend to checkout with It a lot. But I agree 100% to be able to float around the board with familiarity...
For me , the tough ones are t13,t6,t10. t15. . . Just when they come up mid game, it’s harder to make the switch .  Lower right , the main ones I need to step up on My game with are t15 and d10
Best tips for practice I ever heard were these....
Stand with your nose against the dartboard.  See which double is closest to the height of your eyes. (Mine Is D10) (D8 if you're a lefty) hit 10 of those before throwing at anything else.
Also, never throw a dart without a purpose.

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