Harrows Wolfram or Wolfram Infinity
(12-15-2019, 12:10 AM)Crusher17 Wrote: Well i have a set of 21gms Infinitys they measure 6.25mm on the smooth part they taper too 5.40mm

Wow, 5.4 seems really narrow.  I never realized it was that tapered; maybe because the main image I've looked the CGI image on Harrow's site.  It really looks nearly straight....

Darren's diagram of the 23 g measures the bulge, which is supposed to be 6.7, at 6.77
The 21g is supposed to be 6.4; 6.25 is quite a bit off that as well.

Edit: after posting I held s straight edge up to the image; I can appreciate a subtle taper.


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