Harrows Wolfram or Wolfram Infinity
The Wolfram's are a nice enough dart, but there's just so many others. And other than both being 97% tungsten, they're not extremely similar darts. Infinities are straight; original is tapered at the front.
I love the look of the Infinity, but have never understood why if it's 97%, it's bigger than many other 90% darts of the same weight.
For instance:
The 23 g Infinity is 50 x 6.7
23 g Rob Cross 90% tungesten dart: 48 x 6.6
It's just one example, but there's many. If the point of more tungsten is to make a denser (more compact dart for the same weight) dart, then why is it BIGGER?

Maybe some is coating/grip, but to me it still doesn't add up.

Maybe to keep the 97% from being too brittle they have to use a very light weight other 3%... but then what's the point?


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