Dutch Open no longer BDO ranked
Thought I'd make this a new thread instead of adding it to the BDO Worlds one.

Following the recent insane letter from the BDO about charging number of entrants and the prize fund in exchange for BDO points, it would seem the Dutch have taken the stance that from the 2020 Dutch Open will no longer have BDO ranking points attached to it:


The Dutch Open is one of the largest (if not the largest) Opens in the World.  Way to go Des, well done!!!!!
Wow... great way to alienate your allies indeed. The doomsday clock of the BDO is striking midnight any minute now.

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Well it seems another letter has been issued by the BDO earlier this afternoon/evening basically saying the charge for points will not apply for anything counting towards the 2019/20 season ranking tables.

So this means the Dutch Open could now reinstate the points for this year - but part of me hopes they stick by their decision not to have them.

As an aside it seems there is some sort of meeting in Amsterdam between the WDF and other member countries on Monday, and one of the things on the agenda will be the WDF holding their own World Championship in Holland in December 2020.
As sad as it is for the history of darts, the sooner the BDO dies the better it will be for amateur darts (hoping that the WDF does a proper job).
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This is just a farce. 3 Worlds next year, that will be great, not
Mack The Knife
You can't even be sure that the BDO will be able to go through with the current one.. so most likely we'll have just two worlds, pros and amateurs.
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