Question on lights and stands
Need some help!  The continued peace and good order of my household might might require me to move my board.  I am thinking of getting a portable dartboard stand.  Does anybody know whether you can use one of the light systems with them like a Target Corona etc?

Thanks in advance!
Should be able to use the Corona, it has magnets that stick it to the side of the board
(12-03-2019, 11:39 PM)Crusher17 Wrote: Should be able to use the Corona, it has magnets that stick it to the side of the board

Thanks!  Was thinking that or the Bulls one.
I've been using the Corona since they first came out and have no issues with mine. I'm pretty sure you can do what Crusher17 said.
I have the Winamu Xtreme 2 stand and use the Target Corona on my Gladiator 3. I put a backing board on mine but the corona doesn’t even touch it, magnets hold it on the board just fine. My brother has the same stand, Corona, unicorn HD2 board and no backing board and has never had an issue either
I have a tripod stand with a blade core board,corona light and a black surround...... no problems at all and move it constantly around the house to practice depending on what the family are doing!!!.... absolutely no issues at all ....... and Warner having in the house rather than the garage!!!

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