Darting Around The Port (Week 12 2019)

Over the years, one darts captain has received more mentions in the paper than any other.
Sometimes he looked like a gardener whose begonias have been chewed by a caterpillar.
At others he resembled a Tolstoy peasant upon discovering his vodka bottle empty.
Often, his demeanour was that of a fakir encountering a blunt bed of nails.
Occasionally, he looked stunned, as though slapped round the ear with a wet halibut.
Confused, he had the appearance of a flamenco dancer minus his castanets.
Then again, he was capable of playing the match card like a virtuoso violinist.
Sometimes he delivered a victory in the manner of a benevolent favourite uncle.
But win or lose, he loved being skipper of Deaduns.
With wife Dot by his side, he personified everything that is best about Friday nights.
Remarkably, he managed to retain his sanity despite being in charge of an ocheological crazy gang.
Sadly, Peter Atkin passed away this week.
The Juggernaut is no more.
On Friday the players of Deaduns and the Workingmens hold a minute’s silence in his memory.
In a fitting tribute, his former charges then throw away a 3-1 lead.
I’m sure Peter would have approved.
Mark Pearson, top stick Sean Atkin and George Bridge all record first half wins, with Ian Heslop a solitary success story for the visitors.
After a hearty repast, the hosts resolutely set about undoing all their good work.
So it is that Darryl Moore, Rick Lee, Rebby Hogg and wondrous Workie Dean Stockell record four unanswered second half wins.
Elsewhere, the race for the league title is blown apart on Lowther Road.
There is nothing to suggest that the table topping Cons are about to be undone when Jordan Brooks delivers a man of the match performance in game one.
Second up is the previously unbeaten Wes Newton.
However, on the face of opponent Ray Connolly is a look of steely determination.
And just eight darts later he has levelled the match, hitting 32, 171 and a two dart finish of 98.
Things continue to go awry for the hosts when averages leader Dave Smith loses out to Mark Mizon.
And when Steve Cowell ends up on double one, through his defences sweeps an ebullient John Shaw.
Back bounce the Cons at the start of the second period, courtesy of Jeff Walkington and Alan Ashton.
But the game is almost up when Chrissy Blyth rattles in a maximum in edging the visitors ahead at 4-3.
Soon the Highbury hurlers have the points safely tucked away, this after a last leg victory for skipper Scott Hayton.
A ten darter by Christian Hampson gets Dockers ‘A’ off to a flyer against the Mount.
Soon though they are pegged back, this after Jimmy Reilly gets the Olympians up and running in game two.
A shared experience between Adam Blyth and Craig Gill follows.
Equally tense is game four, as Tom Duggan squeezes past Rob Saunders to ease the hosts ahead.
And although Cavan Thake levels things up again at the start of the second period, before long the visitors find themselves back in arrears.
An eleventh win of the campaign by Paul Warwick not only keeps victory in sight, it also elevates the Dockers player to the top of the league averages.
Hats off also to Mike Tallentire, this after his win in the penultimate leg reduces the Cons advantage at the top of the table to a single point.
Lucky for the defending champs that he does so, given that Bryan Bond is back to his best for the Mount in the dying embers of a terrific tussle.
The wheels have come off for Highbury ‘B’.
On Friday they go down for the fourth game on the trot.
This week it is the turn of the West Enders to benefit.
Chris Garton is best on the night for the thrusting thespians as they ease home with plenty to spare.
On the bright side for the failing footballers, Michael Thwaites continues to flourish, as indeed does Dave Watt on his long awaited return to league action.
At around ten bells on Friday, the sound of howling can be heard echoing around the deserted streets of Thornton.
Not for many years has there been a local derby between two teams from the Land That Cabs Forgot.
Earlier in the evening Zack Bell gets the Sandyforth off to a winning start.
Back though bounce the Ashley through Derek Darwen and James Unsworth.
Pretty soon though, Josh Connelly continues where he left off last week in levelling things at 2-2.   
A brace of wins for Geoff Moyle and Harold Davies puts the Peripatetics in the box seat, until that is David Lang reduces the deficit to 4-3.
Step forward Kevin Cross and Mick Buckingham.
Toe to toe they slug it out until Kevin nails his final double.
With two arrows at his double to save a point, Mick only goes and hits it with his first.
Cue the howls of despair from the frustrated fledglings.
Similarly sandbagged this week are the equally pointless Femme Fatales.
3-1 up after wins for Sheila and Jade Clarke and Michelle White, the lasses lachrymosely lose their way in the second half.
A quartet of unanswered wins for Lee Swales, Chris and Cliff Blyth and Steve Dagger makes it six wins on the trot for the upwardly mobile Dockers ‘B’.
Also winning by 5-3 this week are the Biased Boys.
Benevolence personified, Strawberry skipper John Rowe awards man of the match nominations to both Mick Jackson and Terry Beavers.
With each hitting eleven dart legs, they are inseparable as Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum.
Safer to double the benevolence than risk the flourishing of rattles.
For the punnets, the return of Graham Hopkinson is welcomed, especially after his man of the match performance.
The Comrades are in fine fettle on Friday.
Stan Billington leads the way as they flatten the fleas on Lord Street.
Mind you with three bugs becalmed on 299, things could have been a lot closer.
As it was, only David O’Neill managed to make it back to the hive in one piece.
Swat happens when you don’t finish.
Thanks for reading.
I eat my peas with honey 
I've done it all my life 
It makes the peas taste funny 
But it sticks them on the knife 
Lovely read Roger, RIP Peter Atkin.
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B: 25g   S: Medium   F: Standard   180s: 1/25

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