Help with technique. Slow motion video added.
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Hey guys Smile
I just got into dart and looking for a good technique to start out with. 
I try to do a good follow through, but i seem to drop the elbow to much.
Any tips on how to correct this? Keeping the elbow higher feels very unatural.

Added the link since i couldnt get the video add to work.
You've got a nice throw. I can see a little shoulder in it, so I'd probably try and throw from the elbow a bit more but I wouldn't change too much about it other than that. Simpler the better really.

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You can't 'add' a video as an attachment.  We'd soon run out of disk space.  You 'insert a video link' using the "Insert a video" icon on the lower editor tool bar.

What you did works well enough though...

Edit:  Welcome to the forum BTW...
Keeping the elbow up and pointing at the target was probably my biggest improvement rating right up there with a flat upper arm and pointing at my target on release. I noticed your second throw you yipped and didn't follow through........

And also welcome to the group. Let us know how you improve
Yep would say hold elbow up a little high to bring dart up to eye level when you throw.... maybe try bringing arm back a little further as you throw which will so help,with a strong straight follow through...... only a little tinker as your basic throw looks good....... only other thing is doesn’t show your stance..... personally without seeing it make sure that is comfortable,solid and locked in so no movement...... enjoy your darts
I have the impression that you concentrate more at the beginning and the backward move than at the forward acceleration and the final release and follow through.
Try to focus your concentration on the moment when you release the dart; this should automatically lead to a better follow through.
Thanks a lot for the input guys! Smile
Your thinking too much on technique. Darts is one of those games where your brain will naturally figure out how to get the darts to their target. Overthinking can introduce tension and a snatched dart (you have the former and the second dart was the latter).

Have a session where you're not actively thinking of technique. Focus your attention on your "focus" on the target. Your brain will begin to fill in the blanks. You're base throw is fine, but it has become tense and robotic and that is down to overthinking and "trying" to correct things while throwing. This is bad bad bad!
Just let things flow naturally for a few sessions and let me know how you get on.

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