Which Designa Repointer is the better?
I want buy a Darts Repointer and at the dartscorner there is two type Designa Repointer, Which is the best? 


Or this new Mission R-Point is good?
But my priority is a  Designa, not this.

Please help me guys  Smile
Lot's of advice on repointers - a search will yield great feedback, and well worth the effort. Might be things you've not considered.

For what its worth, get one with the T Bar handle.  Much easier on the hand. I use this:

Any of the Designa ones, I have the pro with the Allen key for extracting and tightening.  The advantage to that is you can easily remove the key and use your fingers when you are setting up to put a dart in.  The expert has a case which is nice.  I use an old cigar box for all my repainting paraphernalia and keep the reporter inside a ziplock bag, which works really well for me.
Levonster  Out! 
Thank you for the replies, I want buy then the T-Bar version Designa, thanks.
(11-30-2019, 11:31 PM)ferni Wrote: Thank you for the replies, I want buy then the T-Bar version Designa, thanks.

I have the T bar and it works well. It does damage some points when you tighten down on the points.

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