Best (and not so best) launches of 2019
The year end is upon us, its time for another retrospect of the year so far with what has to be a pretty cracking year for darts. Let's look back at some of the launches from our dear manufacturers. I'll be giving mine in no particular order for the Best, Middle of the Pack and Not so Great lists.

Best Launches

Straight away I want to say Harrows did an excellent job this year, after acquiring Dave Chisnall to the fold, they brought out some incredible sets to choose from. The Noctis with its classy black, the Paragon, the aggressive Vice and Strix, and the new soft tip line, the variety is amazing. And its still affordable. Thumbs up on their cheeky adverts for their new points too!

Quantum Darts:
While they didn't have a big launch, they brought out great models to pick out throughout the year, with their soft tip line being stand out for me. Paradox has been a beautiful dart to use, and the Griptide barrel is a bold statement, giving what players wanted for a long time, grip on every little millimeter of that dart. Onwards and upwards!

The newest of the bunch that made a huge impact. At first garnering some scepticism due to their Target like feel, it has warmed up to be standout. I'm mostly interested in giving a shot for their Kuro and Axiom line. The sheer variety is pretty overwhelming too, which I give it a big thumbs up.

Middle of the Pack

I'm not really feeling it with the new line of darts from Shot! Like their Wild Frontier inspired line. Their best looking dart for me is the Toni Alcinas model. It reminds me of a Colin Lloyd design, which I adore, and the red is a nice touch. I admire the craftsmanship but the prices kill me.

Winmau/Red Dragon:
I would say I like the darts on their launch, but something feels missing to me. The special editions for their player darts look great, like the Simon Whitlock dart, and kudos to RD for their Lunar SE. The regular line of darts were give or take. A new Aspria shape, the Sicario is ok, and another Sabotage. Though I give a plus point on the Majestic, having a bomb shape soft tip barrel to go for is a plus for me.

Not so Great Launches

Ooph....where do we start with this one.

Tough luck as I hoped they could bounce back after 2018, but it seemed like not much in terms of progress. The Jelle Klaasen darts are lovely, not as weird as his usual designs. But...paying £83-91 for them. I don't know how to justify it. The Codes being £50+ for an 80% barrel is asking a bit much too. I do like the Grippers at least. It's better than 2018 by a good few inches. But not enough to make me feel like it was good.

Such a weird launch honestly. Many of the new darts just look...bland. First, the positives. We got a good Phil Taylor line, the most affordable main line Taylor in a long time, and I love the new shape and design. Leighton Bennet's barrel is classy, I love it, and the V-Streams are a great step up to the Carrera line.

Now, the not clicking with me stuff. The Adrian Lewis is a high priced Bristow dart, a new Daytona Fire felt like it was thrown in for no reason. And finally, the big elephant in the room, Swiss. Target has made many fragile points, Fire, Storm etc... And they introduced well, another fragile point. This feels forced in terms of its 'revolutionary' properties, and its a clear way to make more $$$ by selling points. My friends hated it, and frankly, so do I. But it doesn't look like they'll stop anytime.

So there's just my thoughts on the launches that impacted me. I know there's others, but these are the few I'll touch. What do you guys think?

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Nice take on all the launches Lethal, good job
Agree with everything there, I would put them in pretty much the same order too Smile
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Overall I think I would put Mission slightly ahead of the rest, primarily because it was a brand new name in the market place and they much came up with pretty much everything you would ever need to set up a darts room if you were that OCD and needed everything to be the same brand. They also had good quality gear for whichever price range you felt like paying.

Other than that I agree with pretty much everything else you said.

As far as the Unicorn Codes are concerned I would guess a lot of the price comes down to the machining - the morse code section spells out "Unicorn" (hence the name) and I would imagine it would take a little longer to program and machine that part especially.

As far as the Target Swiss Points are concerned I'd like to try them, but I'm really not convinced about the break spot. As far as I'm concerned manufacturing a specific break spot in the point says to me either 1) you don't have a great deal of confidence in the product/design, or 2) you see it as a money making opportunity as you know they will break so people will have to buy several spare sets of points.
Nice writing on the launches.

My top 3 are:

1) Mission
Millions of different and beautiful darts, almost all of which I would like to try and with the second wave (Reiki and Quadrant) also ok in price. I am convinced that there will be a lot more great things to come.

2) Designa
Still some of the best darts for little money. Some models have ended up on my wish list.

3) Harrows
Interesting darts, moderate prices, may buy some of them. And kudos for the Apex points.

And the award for the worst product of the year 2019 goes to:
Target Swiss Points
Good launches this year:

None. At least for me personally there was not a launch, that stood out enough to be called good for me personally. Many nice products, but nothing outstanding.

Decent launches this year:


Plenty of decent designs, that are affordable. But Harrows just does not meet my personal taste.


Many new darts this year if you include all the mid year launches. They did a very good job with their new player darts this year. Duzza, Aspinall, Evans, Bennett. New high end darts are also good looking and not extremely high priced. V-Stream's for example. Swiss Point is splitting people, but okay it its an innovation at least. Decent in th end. Stand out product were probably the limited Takoma cases, as they were very nicely designed.
Okay the new Adie's are just overpriced and no clue why, but one silly dart can be overlooked.


Plenty of new darts. Only problems for me personally. Some of the designs are just looking too much like a Target dart and the prices are a bit in the nowhere land. Not cheap, not expensive. Especially the first darts in the main launch were a bit on the high side.

One 80:

I am a fan of signature darts and One80 is just doing a great job in releasing plenty of signature darts. Nice designs. Bit on the high side sadly, but still enough to be a decent launch.

Bad launches:


Do I have to put it in words? Boring and expensive. Sigma HS or Klaasens are simply too much. Code is a range, that IMO is just pointless. Signature darts are okay, but also slightly on the high side at times.


Just not enough new stuff. Most darts are okay, but few new darts and only decent designs are just not enough to be a decent launch. In the end it was a dissapointing launch from Winmau. Special editions are okay as additions to the launch, but not really good enough to be the main part of the launch.


More of the same. Expensive darts and more expensive darts. It just gets repetitive.

Bull's NL:

Too expensive for the designs. Just no reason to get any of their darts.
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Winmau - Andy Fordham SE
Harrows *****
Mission ****
Target **
Shot **
Bulls **
One80 ?
Winmau and Unicorn boring -1*
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Non bias opinion is Mission in that it was a full line brand launch like mentioned previously (mc1958) and my bias opinion is Harrows.
As for the rest the OP pretty much nailed it.
As much as I want to love Mission, and people are going crazy over the launch, it's rebranded stuff that already exists.

Darts are good though.

Designed by an existing designer from another company.

Given money, I could launch their launch.
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I look forward to every new launch but I've found this year a bit of a disappointment, it's really only Mission & Harrows that have stood out as having 3-4 products I'd like to try.

Target - the whole swiss point thing was a turn-off, points should not be seen as consumables with the same level of durability as flights & stems. Also any darts with a new style of grip were tailored purely for front grippers.

Unicorn - I just don't see how they can justify themselves and their silly prices. I think they're the only company I've ever seen who can produce a dart which literally snaps in half. I honestly can't remember seeing a post from anyone on here saying they've bought anything from this launch. The Code darts look hideous and the Sigmas? How much!? What for, exactly? Eurgh. Maybe they all look better in real life but, again, has anyone actually bought them?

Winmau - a couple of interesting grips but only offered on some very short darts, so if you don't throw bombs you'll probably never get to see how they feel.
Red Dragon - I'm assuming that they're still to do a proper 2020 product launch? Surely the ugly & unneccessary moon landing range can't be it?

I wouldn't class the other companies releases as launches, they've all bought out various things throughout the year. Some hits and some misses, but I don't really see any daring designs from any of them and plain tungsten darts with traditional grips styles don't really interest me all that much.

I've bought far fewer darts this year than in 2017 & 2018.
My top 5 things that were released this year and that I have purchased:

1) Mission Kronos M1 darts - beautiful darts, very comfortable grip

2) Cinege Birdy - a brilliant dart from Cinege. They are a shorter version of Anderson P3 and felt a little grippier to me.

3) Harrows Paragon - I wanted 5 sets from their launch, opted for these and have also recently got the Avanti courtesy of Sidewinder Smile I definitely want to try the Vice at some point too

4) Unicorn Volute points - I really like these, grip the board incredibly well and don't cause any damage, I've tried the Harrows Apex points too but for me the Volute edge it.

5) Falcon darts from Darts Clearance - bargain of the year, great looking darts for a fraction of the price you would expect from some of the big boys
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