Darts dropping low
Hello everyone,

So I have made a thread about this in the past, and I have listened to a lot of feedback you guys gave me and I have tried to apply this to my throw.
In my opinion my throw looks and feels a lot better than it did, but the results still aren't getting better. Some throws my darts are going great into the board, but sometimes they still drop low. Because of this i'm really inconsistent. 
I have made a couple of videos of my throw today, and I hope some of you may see some things i'm doing wrong during my throw.

Here's a good throw from the side:
Here's a bad throw from the side:
Here's a good throw from the front: 
Here's a bad throw from the front:

What i mean by "good throw" and "bad throw" is that a good throw contains darts that didn't drop low, and when I have a bad throw it means that it contains darts that dropped low.

In each title I have stated where my darts landed after the throw.
I hope some of you may spot some bad things in my throw, it would really help me because I have had this problem for a while now.
1 thing I noticed from the side view videos, is that when I have a good throw my darts releases different compared to when I have a bad throw. Does anyone know what causes that?

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Hi Maurice,
first let me congratulate you for a nice clean and smooth throw.
That's a freaking great improvement, very well done. Smile

I would say that now it's more or less a matter of practice.
I don't see anything where I would say: Think about changing it because it looks wrong.

I don't recognize any differences between your good and bad videos which I could point out.
So for your actual problem "dropping low" you could try to throw a little more ballistic in a curve.
Try a "more feeling, less power" approach.

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