What barrel to pick for a pencil grip?
Can Anyone help with what barrel shape to pick if you grip your dart like a pencil, first finger at the back of the barrel second in the middle and my ring finger on the end of the point. All the darts I have are 50mm or more in length because of this, I also spin my darts my throw is alot like Mervyn King's just wanted to know what barrel shape and grip would suit me best? Your help appreciated
The chosen one back in the prem ?
The only pencil shaped dart that I have the thrown is the the shot birds of prey harrier
[Image: 25-bphst-222-2_400x400(1)__19629.1535230...mbypass=on]
I found it nice to throw, though don't throw with them any more. I throw with rvb gen2 now.
Maybe you cant get these on sale, as someone told me that shot are shutting shop soon.
What grip you use to hold your dart does not dictate the shape of dart you can or should use. Phil Taylor, who has a pencil grip, successfully used straight barreled darts for the first part of his career. Then he switched to a John Lowe bomb style dart and was equally successful.
Today I learned - people grip pencils in as many ways as they grip darts Wink

Mine is also a pencil grip but not quite the same as yours, with thumb and forefinger around the middle of the dart and the barrel just resting on my middle finger a little further forward. I have tried loads of shapes and as bkbum mentioned there are probably various shapes that would work for you, it depends what feels most comfortable for you.

For me, I think a straight barrel suits me best, around 50mm and 22-24g.

What are you using at the minute and are you happy with them? If not, maybe experiment with a couple of cheap sets from Darts Clearance, or Darts Corner's Designa range?
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When I grip darts like how you have described I tend to have more success with darts shaped like this (and this dart in particular)

I'm currently using The Harrows Quantums just because they are rear weighted which I did some research on would help me because of my grip, just think all of the rear weighted darts are not long enough for me. I feel I have more control with a longer barrel the best barrel I played with was the Target Agora's just cause I could stack them with a medium stem and slim flight. I don't like my darts going in tail up
[Image: ELIPfkNWsAAPykM?format=jpg&name=4096x4096]

they look interesting, i wouldn't call them a pencil grip shape, more of a classic front weighted - tapered to the back shape.
(12-08-2019, 05:11 AM)blink180 Wrote: they look interesting, i wouldn't call them a pencil grip shape, more of a classic front weighted - tapered to the back shape.

I just sew those at twitter yesterday and the first thing that came to my mind after seeing that pencil shape of the rear part of the barrel was that they had been made for the pencil grippers .-)

I believe any darts could be held as a pencil, however I can't throw that way at all no matter the shape is.
We can produce the Hexagon shape full length, along with Octogen and Decagon and we are current working on Square and Triangular barrels at the moment.
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These darts look like they should be under guard somewhere. Fort Knox maybe.
Harrows Wolfram. 50x6. for 21g. I've been using these for the past few days and they are thin but force me to have a totally focused throw.

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