2020 World Series of Darts
Looks like there will be 6 WSOD events in 2020 with two currently announced:

Las Vegas sacked off and replaced by the Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden, NY on 5th/6th June

and Hamilton gets the NZ nod again at the Claudelands Arena on 21st/22nd August

For the other 4 there will most likely be the usual 2 in Australia and 1 in Germany, but no ideas where the other event will be.  Maybe somewhere in Asia given the Asia Tour is coming along nicely, or another European one in Scandinavia somewhere to replace the ET event from Denmark, or even possibly Canada.
Players will be scoring in Madison Square Garden .Haven`t seen that in a while Big Grin
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[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSk3_mUOv_jGoysjynm41f...KJnZ__w9ge]
Third venue announced - the Nordic Darts Masters at Forum Copenhagen on 12th/13th June

I hope they drop the German event but I don't see it sadly. Would like to see another Asian one and two in Australia.
History maker Sherrock heading to New York

DARTS sensation Fallon Sherrock is set to take America by storm after being selected to compete in the 2020 U.S. Darts Masters, which will be held on June 5-6 in the Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden, New York.

Sherrock, a 25-year-old from England, created history as the first female player to win a match at the Professional Darts Corporation's World Championship on Tuesday, defeating Ted Evetts 3-2 in the first round of the event.

The achievement has received incredible worldwide recognition as Sherrock enjoyed a hugely memorable, and deserved, win at Alexandra Palace in London.

The 25-year-old will now join the likes of current World Champion Michael van Gerwen in competing in the U.S. Darts Masters, when the World Series of Darts visits New York for the first time next June.

Eight north American qualifiers will also compete in the two-day tournament on June 5-6, with Sherrock set to make history again when she becomes the first female competitor on the World Series stage next year.

"We live in a big world and Fallon's victory has become mainstream news, rather than sports news," said Hearn. "It's astonished me.

"The first woman to do something is always news because it's a breakthrough moment for the sport. You couldn't write that type of drama. I think it is a game-changing moment.

[Image: Sherrock_Evetts_600.jpg]

"Fallon will get the dream ticket in terms of an invitation to the World Series of Darts in the Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden, New York.

"That's going to be massive news around the world, particularly in America, and the message is clear to other women; if you're good enough, opportunities exist or will be created.

"She's going to have dream scenario there and who knows where it builds from there."

Hearn added: "The aim of the World Series is to grow professional darts worldwide and Fallon's inclusion will be another massive step for the sport on the global stage.

"Darts is hugely popular across America and we've already seen incredible interest in our first visit to New York, and to have Fallon on stage at Madison Square will be a huge opportunity for her to show her undoubted talent to a new audience."

Speaking following her inclusion in the tournament, Sherrock said: "I can't believe it - this is amazing news for me. It's been a crazy couple of days and I'm not sure everything has sunk in yet.

"It's all really exciting and to get to play in the World Series in New York will be a fantastic experience for me. This shows that if me and other women show what we can do and win matches, we'll be rewarded with more opportunities like this. I can't wait."

Tickets for the 2020 U.S. Darts Masters are available now and can be purchased from Ticketmaster.

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World Series of Darts - Hulu Theater at MSG
Friday June 5 (6pm EST start)
U.S. Darts Masters 
First Round x8 Matches
Tickets: $299, $95, $65 (including fees)
Click here to buy tickets

Saturday June 6 
Afternoon Session (1pm EST start)

North American Championship
Quarter-Finals, Semi-Finals, Final
Tickets: $259, $70, $54 (including fees)
Click here to buy tickets

Evening Session (7.30pm EST start)
U.S. Darts Masters
Quarter-Finals, Semi-Finals, Final
Tickets: $299, $95, $65 (including fees)
Click here to buy tickets

Weekend Pass Prices: $765, $234, $165 (including fees)
Click here to buy tickets

VIP Packages: Registration for the VIP Package grants access to MSG’s Grill Room, with catering beginning 90 minutes pre-event, and also includes prime table seating located at the heart of the action and a VIP bar (beer/wine/soda) as well as a variety of party snacks.
Click here for more information about the Hulu Theater at MSG.

Great initiative bringing a female player over for the World Series. I imagine a number of players would be unhappy with the announcement, but at the end of the day it's an
exhibition! Good for Fallon!
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She's got to win more games to earn that spot, methinks. And do well in the ladies' WC next month.
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Has she earnt it, prob not but the WSOD is not a ranking event and is there to gain exposure which this will do. I don't mind her playing but get the argument. But this and the PL subsidise the Pro Tour so if people want smaller pots and entry fees again not letting the PDC run this to maximise exposure and is the way to do it.

Sorry that got a bit rantier than I expected.
Mack The Knife
Hopefully she does do well.
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(12-20-2019, 08:37 PM)sjmattitude1982 Wrote: Hopefully she does do well.

I hope so, but the NA players will fancy their chances, rather her than MVG, same as they did with Hopp a few years back.
Mack The Knife
Well, she's still going...
[Image: 46x5vi.jpg]
Ayup comrades

Fallons win tonight against Mensur confirms her inclusion in the wsod was correct!

Should have Katy Perry singing her out...
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Great news. The PDC had to do something after Sherrock's win (wins now), and this is the right opportunity, a non-ranked event. It's always been about marketable players and Fallon is one of the most marketable right now.
Perhaps she should qualify through Q-School, the same as every other male or female player has to do every year.
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