Harrows new points
Hello all. Ive just bought myself the designa repointer and am looking to get some of the new harrows sabre points to put on my chisnall and rob cross target darts. 
Was just wondering if anyone has done similar and encountered any problems at all. Ive never repointed a dart before so any advice is welcome.
I have the designa repointer, and have just used it to put the new Apex Sabre and Apex Ridge points in 2 new sets of Harrows darts.

Just as easy really as normal points, just need to make sure they are tightly clamped where the ridges are, it does remove a small amount of Paint from the point if you get the black ones, but if you're worried about that, you could put a small amount of masking tape on them first.

Don't try to over-tighten them or you may bend/damage them or the darts.

Good luck, once you've done one set, you'll do loads more without a worry.

Absolutely. If you have an old set of darts that you care less about, you can practice on those before you repoint your new beauties. You could even pick up a set of $3 brass darts from your local sporting goods shop and practice on those first. That will give you the experience and confidence necessary to tackle your prized arrows.
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Nice one lads. Much appreciated!
I just put some black Sabers in a set. I wrapped a small bit of masking tape around the point before installing. Seemed to help, no marking at all. Can't use much just enough to go around once, twice at the most. also found it helped to seat the point well down in the tool, so that as I pushed the barrel on the point it couldn't really push down into the tool any further. If that makes sense...

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